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I just want to say I Love You

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All of you. Specifically. Individually. Without question or need.

This place and all that it represents...it truly is astonishing.

I just wanted to thank everyone involved in keeping this place going and try to spread my feels around to as many of you as I can.

<3 <3 <3
we all appreciate the sentiment, regardless of the cynicism presented :|

it does, however, sound like a post on Reddit that might be titled...

"First solo-roll at home - OMG how awesome it all is"


I can see that. Really though I was just contemplating some of the things I've learned here and it struck that that information was going to last for, and affect the rest of, my life.

I don't often express these things because I understand them to be silly but at the same time sometimes one must just let their silly loose.

"I just want to wiggle with you jiggler!"
-adventure time
thank you! also don't feel bad! I love stand up comedy. I don't mind jokes at all as long as they're well structured and funny.

Doug Stanhope ftw!
Yes this is truly a wonderful place and I like the enthusiasm.

I feel ya on everything that I have learned from just this one spot will stick with me til the end:)
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