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I keep reading this article on the scent of roses

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Hello I was wondering if anyone knew of this SWIM was doing research on dmt containing plants I'm The North Eastern usa and they came upon a article about the evolution of Chinese tea roses and where they get their smell and it states that Almost all modern roses contain 2 chemical one of which is DMT and tea roses have 3 chemicals which causes the other chemistry to be in less % so I started thinking could none tea roses have a larger number % of DMT and could be extracted of this is the case I have a nice Rose garden that could be a DMT source ??? Does anyone else know of this I'm not sure if this is the right place or not
I attached the link and the article itself



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IC I need to remember my glasses and not to get excited and start skimming also swim was telling me in the 1890s pphalaris was used in a certain us city to help keep the ground from giving into the marsh it was built on with that said swim keeps finding this grass sometimes it's fussy but other time it looks like phalaris swim wants to make sure hes not going to extracting some weird trace chems from the area he.sent me pics of the.grass what do you think


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Maybe I want to 😁 anyway I figured I'll post the root system as well


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It's just swim had a few non chemical journey using sharmaic drumming and such and have many failures obtaining any psychedelic in his area tbh I think swim would be probably much better starting with lower psychedelic such as shrooms and LSD but he or I can't find anything for him at a reasonable price or a actual person that could help provide him with the proper tools to continue with his sharmaic journey. And i also wanted to point out swim isn't some young kid who wants to trip swim is a mid aged Adult who wants to explore the lower levels of the universe.
He was explaining to me that recently he found himself with a spirit guild\animal the red fox And he was sitting in the flatlands and a fox came up and sat in his lap and when he tried to follow him into the lower realm and he couldn't then the fox started eating this vine that grew out of this grass and the vine became the grass and the fox began to eat the grass itself and it felt like it was saying you need to do what I do and then the drums began to speed up and see said goodbye and thank you so that brought swim to DMt after researching this journey
So that's why swim is swimming lol
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