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I need advice, is abilify or meth killing my buzz

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I've been experimenting with spice for over a year now. Done many extractions, and if anything, probably smoked too frequently. I've always had great breakthroughs. I typically vape 25-30mg of spice, using either a bubbler with a machine style nail on it, or through my Divine crossing V3 ( which rocks everytime ).
However, lately I've been noticing severly diminished trips, with almost NO EFFECT. I can vape 35-40mgs and NOT BREAKTHROUGH!!!!!! This is very concerning to me, and I have two things that MAY be contributing factors. I was hoping for some feedback from anyone on their take.
The two things that may be affecting my experience:
1.) I take Abilify ( SSRI ) it's a low dose, and I've been on it for the entire year. I have read in places that this is a bad idea, but mostly I read it shouldn't be a problem.
2.) I've been doing some meth lately, and thinking that maybe it's blocking my receptors from the spice. I've always noticed in the past that the meth slightly inhibits the trip, but in the past it's never neutralized them before.
Since this has started happening ( about two weeks now ). I've tried to blast off several times with no success. Are either of my theories explainable. I fully realize I should probably not do meth for a pluthera of other reasons, but it's worked in the past, without issue. My major concern is the Abilify. I need the abilify, and am not willing to stop taking it. But that as well has not been an issue in the past.
Please send me your advice, good, bad, or otherwise. I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks much
I have heard that SSRI's can interfere with 5HT type drugs (like DMT).

I don't think the meth would interfere but yea you probably shouldn't be doing meth (just saying).
Aripiprazole is an antipsychotic... it would follow that it would inhibit psychedelics... Why are you taking both?

Also maybe your using more meth now?

I would do more research and put more thought into it...

You also didn't say whether you are under the influence of meth while use dmt..

Just my opinion. Stop the meth. You'll thank yourself later.

When I was a teenager (in my 30's now) i was hooked on meth and it did nothing but bring negativity into my life. The meth use was a symptom of other things going on at the time, for sure (depression, cognitive dissonance, other...)

Yes, SSRI's will compete with receptors, but let's start by stopping the meth.

Feel free to ignore my advice. (I probably would have when i was using meth). It's a slippery slope and a fast fall to a hard bottom. I reckon the meth use is a symptom of something else. we're always trying to find that balance, but sometimes don't always use the right tool to do so.

Using meth to find balance is like using a refrigerator rather than a pole to walk a tight rope. It's the wrong application.

I do hope you find balance. And peace. :love:
Could it be that the more a person does a thing, the less special it becomes? The ssri's and meth use has been addressed and I got no real knowledge of those compounds.
Interesting. I experience something similar sometimes, though the only stim I use is caffeine.

I started microdosing harmalas daily a while ago for health reasons (including opiate post acute withdrawal syndrome, PAWS). After some time I noticed a diminished effect from the changa I smoalk.

I cut my harmala dosage to once weekly and the effects of the changa are stronger now but still not like before I started using harmalas regularly. I understand that harmala is an active SSRI (very effective with PAWS depression, btw), I recommend you DON'T MIX SSRI's. This means no changa on Abilify or any other SSRI. Just my opinions here, do your own research if you haven't already!

Be safe my friend, and enjoy the trip.
I've been doing drugs for a long time now, yet I'm a "professional" with a family and all the "normal" trimmings for a man of my age... There are several things that make this possible, probably not all listed here;

1. I don't touch crystal meth or crack
2. I take regular large breaks. I call these sabbaticals.
3. I don't push it. I allow experiences to happen rather than force them.
4. I change my substance of choice regularly.
5. I prioritize my life over substances.

I used to laugh at my older friends who would take sabbaticals and focus on their life and stuff. Then as I got older I realised the value in this approach. It's like sustainable harvesting, except of brain cells. :lol:

Don't get me wrong, I spent years as a poly drug abuser and it was a great time. But when things start to derail it's probably time to take another look at your approach, rather than looking for a way to force the issue.
I'd like to thank all for the advice. I'll start by stating " I'm an idiot". As soon as I posted this it occured to me that I hadn't tried just not using meth to address the issue. I came home from work tonight, and when I'd usually do a line, I didn't. ( I've been a one in the am one in the pm kinda user as of late ). Then I proceeded to vape 25mg in the Divine Crossing V3. And to my absolute delight, I "got off". Once again, DMT shows me something I need to change, and makes a positive impact on my life. I can put meth to the side. But thanks to the responders, I love this community. And thanks for tolerating my uneccesary, yet needed post.
As for the Changa, I did at least do my research, and don't touch any changa, or harmalas, or aya, etc....
Hey that's a great first step! Good for you man! Seriously. It makes me smile. 😁

DMT can be like a mirror into our own selves, sometimes. And it can show us our areas where we need to make improvements and changes. Sometimes the mirror can be hard to interpret, but I think that the almost instant results showed you some good things.

I will be thinking about you, and wish you well along your journey. When I had my first break through, I was told to make sure to leave room for others to grow around me. But, it's also important to allow room for yourself to grow, too!

Take care, and soar high!
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