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I need another precipe method - please help!

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I've been doing a STB using nomans tek and when I tried to freeze precipe nothing came out - I couldn't believe it as this was 3 pulls worth on 200g mhrb.

After pouring the naptha back in the bottle with the rest of it - I did some reading and found out you are supposed to evaporate down so that the DMT is concentrated enough for freeze precipe.

Now I have a very dilute naptha / DMT solution. Its gonna take months to evaporate it down with the cold weather where I live and I can't do it indoors. :(

Is there any other way precipitating the DMT ? I know with alkaloids such as cocaine they can be precipitated by adding ammonia or sodium carbonate.

Do you know of any similar methods / have any ideas?
Before you worry about that first what is the pH of SWIYs basic solution? Sometimes people pull and pull and pull the basic solution when the pH is too low and get nothing. It should be around 12-13, the base you use does not really matter. Other then that adding anything to the naptha won't work because those compounds ammonia and sodium carbonate most likely will not dissolve in naptha. Hope this helps.

BTW evaporating it down may be required if there is nothing wrong with the pH because the dmt may be too dilute to freeze out. Don't be discouraged yet though SWIMs first imaginary extract many years ago went wrong because SWIM did not make the solution basic enough. It should be black color.
one try that could be done is to make an acidic acqueous solution and mix well with the whole of the naphtha.. the alkaloids should migrate back to the water. Then separate the naphtha and store it again, re-basify the water and make small and warm naphtha pulls.
I'm certain it was based well enough, as I followed the tek and mixed sodium hydroxide 1 to 1.
The naptha however I used lots of completely unaware that it need to be evaporated down before the freeze precipe.

Would vinegar work as an acid solution?

Also how would one go about basing an acid? If I use sodium carbonate I know it will certainly cause a volcano of foam. :?
*sigh* I've never agreed with the excessive amounts of naphtha used in many of the teks. I never use more than 300mL at a time when extracting a kilo. Usually I will only use 100mL at a time. I do more pulls this way, but never have to evap a thing.

Anyways, yeah you can make a solution of say 200mL water, add some acid (doesn't really matter, but vinegar would work nicely) mix with naphtha, shake for 10 minutes or so, seperate, add a small amount of lye (like 1/2 tablespoon) to the acidic water and re-extract with 50-100mL naphtha (preferably the same naphtha you just extracted from).

I would guess that there is still quite a bit of spice left in your basified jug. Pour in 50-100mL naphtha, stir for a while, seperate and freeze that. I imagine you will come up with some xtals.
:) OK thanks guys.

Do you think I should use pure vinegar or should it be diluted with some water?

I'm all out of sodium hydroxide now, could I use sodium carbonate to base it? Its gonna foam up though so I dunno if this would cause problems basing it or when extracting back into the naptha :?

If sodium carbonate will work without causing problems how much should I add? Theres probably about 250-500mg of spice in the naptha, I hope.
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