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I need direction, where now?

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After all these psychedelics, I'm still not sure what to do with my life. I'm not a kid anymore, I can't get away with tripping balls twice a weak, using and REMOVED acid while my parents finance me.

I got fired in my country because there were too many workers, and it was impossible to find another job. Time progressed and it got to the point where I was hungry, so I needed to move to Germany where I also worked for a month and got fired, again, for the same reason.

So here I am, jobless in a foreign country which where I barely know the language not knowing how the f*** am I going to pay my next rent because once again I struggle to find a job.

I can't afford further education, because I barely get by to afford food. All I know is that I never want to be jobless again, what can I do to prevent this from happening? It seems that everywhere I go, I'm the extra guy.

This puts a tremendous amount of anxiety on me because I don't know how am I going to be able to finance my future family if I get one at all if I can't get by on my own. Why is it so hard to find a job and maintain a job? Are there alternative ways of making money in which I have a steady flow? I don't want to end up homeless, especially because I am a hard worker and have been know to put myself through some of the worst s*** for the smallest amount of money.
I'm not sure about germany but the US has warehouse and factory jobs that always seem to need new people.

Good luck on your search man. I hope everything works out for the best!

peace and love
Hey brother i'm starting the job search myself and its a major pain in the butt. And the sad thing is i have a degree. A good one at that. But hang in there. One thing i can say is if you can start making your move away from the rat race you'll be a lot less expendable. If you've got any talents or interests start crafting them on the side now so they can start bringing income down the road. Easier said than done of course. But for example my wife is taking her life long passion of photography and moving into wedding photography and freelance and i'm moving along my education in herbal medicine to get into "clinical" work and consulting down the road. Two self-employed paths which are only going to present more opportunity as life goes on. There's no shortage of weddings, and if anything people are becoming more interested in natural medicines. So you don't have to flow with the mainstream to be an opportunist and rely on big industry jobs. At least not in the long run if you plan it right. In fact, the opposite is true. So many people flock with the sheep that they leave these sorts of things wide open to the rest. Find your passions and hobbies, scope out the scene, see what opportunities are available, what unique angle can you add to it to increase your odds of success, etc. Hell if psychedelics are all you got become an ayahuascero 😁 Just kidding, but maybe not. Maybe that's a legit interest. I'll leave that up to you.

Of course you will need something to tie you over in the mean time. There are a few jobs out there these days that allow you to be an independent working for a corporation. Paradoxical i know. But jobs like Uber and Lyft depending where you live. Or possibly Amazon delivery driver (I believe it's called "FLEX"). I don't know if you have a car or not. I know Lyft has a plan for renting/buying one. I don't know if it totally sucks or not. Just things to consider. I'm not aware of any employment cap on those, but the amount of rides you get might fluctuate based on supply and demand. Best of luck my man

You have a stable internet connection? Check out these 2 subreddits, lurk around every now and then, and also check the all time /top posts.

There are a number of online schools that teach English to foreigners, here is a neat list with a vast comment section:

A lot of people teach english, you don't need a degree to all of them, you also don't have to be native either. If you want to join in and teach English, hit me up and I'll help you get along :)

You seem to be smart with a decent work ethic. The nature of work is changing everywhere. Between mass immigration and increased technology it can be hard to find jobs. It takes a lot of infrastructure to support the world we live in. People still need roads to drive on, asphalt and concrete construction are high turnover industries. Get a foot in the door and MAKE YOURSELF PROFITABLE TO YOUR EMPLOYER. If you are the guy who never complains and can be relied on to do the job, you will likely not lose ANY infrastructure job. People will always need to poop, and they will want to do it with the lights on. Plumbing and electrical are both fields where someone who knows HOW to work will succeed, whether they know all the details of the job or not. One way I have found to get a foot in the door despite not having experience is to tell my prospective employer that I have no bad habits to unlearn, so I'm the perfect apprentice. The key is to make yourself necessary. Workers are a dime a dozen, productive employees are rare as hen's teeth.

Best wishes my friend.
If you are still in Germany, i would look into these three fields:

1. Elderly Care
2. Warehouse
3. Cleaning
4. Delivery Driver (very very hard 14 hour days and whatnot hauling heavy parcels)

I highly recommend elderly care since they are desperate to find people.
It pays bad, is hard work both physically and emotionally - but it is good and honest work. Also, dealing with death and decay is a psychedelic experience and one can certainly use their empathy and compassion to help people who are about to die.

Of course there are other ways to make money.
As a freelancer for instance. You may wanna check out odesk if you have any particular skill say writing articles, designing stuff, data entry. Could also run your own website or offer a service/product. But that's more of a longshot.
I'm in the US, and most definitely the economy is changing. More and more, one hears of the "gig economy"; i.o.w., having more than one income stream. Opportunities for artists are greater than ever, if you're good at self marketing.

Places like etsy that allow people to set up online stores are a possible way to bring in money. The more one can be diverse, the more they can bring in.

Another idea for you may be too volunteer. It may be easier to get in on the ground floor in something you're interested in that you don't have education or experience in.

I began volunteering as a reading tutor for adults with developmental disabilities and realized that it was something I'm really good at and something I love doing. Prior to that, my work experience was screen printing, stage production and restaurant work. This afternoon I'm going to an interview to teach kids art in an elementary school after school program part time. I never would have thought that possible before.

Be creative, you're young, you should have that fire inside that is merely a warmth within my geezer self. I'm sure you'll find something.
Start by being true to yourself. Being yourself 100%. Be kind and compassionate everywhere you go. Sooner or later someone will take notice and the world will respond to your true nature.

This all may sound funny but it works. Perhaps you are finding yourself in places that you do not belong in the first place.

Go to places that truly interest you. Find something you are passionate about and do it 100%. Not because of a paycheck but because you love it. You may even need to volunteer.

In the mean time, just to make some money. Do anything, but do it 100%. My dad used to say "If you are going to shovel shit, shovel shit well." This attitude is valuable in the work place. People take notice and promotions, recommendations will suddenly appear in your life. You may be offered a job from someone who notices this work ethic, but you never know when that will happen, so do it all day, every day, all the time.

Not sure if this sounds like mumbo jumbo. It always worked for me in my life.

Good luck!

EDIT: I just noticed that the OP was last year. Did you find a job? How are things going for you?
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