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i smoked peyote in a dream this morning!

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Yes with the help of ...positive subliminal sugestion...and verbal intent... i was slammed into an ultra vivid dream this morning less than three hours after going to sleep!

In dream i found myself climbing these huge sand hills near the ocean .. and it was much like a party inviorment with lots of DCs [dream carectors] atending the party..

Some of them were native american and lots of girls and many other DCs...

In a dream that was realer than life.. i had some kind of smoaking mix that was super potent and others also brought their stashes...

My smoaking mix was some kind of peyote mixed with something else.. and i was sooooo high and tripping so hard!... i lost most of my stash somewhere on the sand hills!... ...the buzz in my dream was a carbon copy plus! of the real thing ... !

You couldent tell the diference from the real thing thanks to my past memories of being high so many times...all my brain had to do was access the stored memories to make up my dream..

for some reason my brain randomly picked the drug experiance type dream this time.. but im shure tonight it will be different mabe even an OBE!

Ive only been studying and listening to these subliminals.. for 4 days now... and am seeing a change everyday in my dreaming content and a growing increase in my dream awareness abuilitys..

There are many lucid dreaming subliminals in audio and video form on line... but im sticking to the one i will send ... ..with over 300 positive subliminal affermations in it ..most of them hidden in layers of sound... that can be heard mostly by the ...[subjective mind]....meaning the.[subconscious mind]...

Its fasenating how powerfull the mind can be!

Here is the ...lucid dreaming subliminal sound track... that has helped me comunicate with my subconscious...

here is the link....

Lucid Dreaming Subliminal Affirmations - YouTube
Video for lucid dreaming subliminal audio messages...youtube▶ 15:31
May 23, 2015 - Uploaded by Master of Subliminals
This audio contains nearly 300 affirmations making lucid dreaming easier .... Binaural Beats Subliminal .
. that has helped me comunicate with my subconscious...
You are your subconscious mind.

Affirmations = Self hypnosis. No need for external sources if you know how to hypnotize yourself. Since you seem to be open for suggestions, try this mantra:

I'm going to have a lucid dream tonight in which I will do x and y. [fill in for x and y]

Repeat this in a semi loud voice maybe 50x times or more. The longer the better. I fixed my shoulder pain with hypnosis today by imagining a fitness center in which I worked out. I'm still weak with lucid dreams, but I guess I have a goal and a mantra today.

Girls and peyote sounds like fun, I want that, too :want:
starway6 said:
You couldent tell the diference from the real thing thanks to my past memories of being high so many times...all my brain had to do was access the stored memories to make up my dream..

I've had similar experiences with ambiguous psychedelic "objects". The intensity of sensations in these dream scenarios are sometimes overwhelming.
Is this smoalking peyote business real? Effective?

I was watching the ridiculous 6 the other morning and when white knife is drinking from a horse trough next to a horse (in a peaceful manner mind you) the town sheriff gave him some sandy talk so white knife said something to the effect of the gods have provided water for all of us to drink etc, etc. And the town sheriff said, yeah we dont believe in that peyote smoking logic (paraphrase)

I hear mention of this in various places. It's just a misfire of words though right, you can't smoke peyote can you? Why would you want to? No, you down the hatch that puppy. Right?
Nah, it's like muishies. Most of the goodies get destroyed if smoalked. Might get a slight effect, only ever so more slight than placebo, but it's a total waste.
I wonder if this is related to seeing this thread yesterday. Before I woke up this morning I had a dream that a friend sent me a package from Africa. It was a drum and some other stuff. The drum was wrapped in newspaper. I noticed that one of the pages had an advertisement for "wild peyote (as found in Africa!) $4.99 a lb. There was a circle in the ad and above it where the words: for a sample 5 minute experience, cut along dotted line and eat or smoke paper"

I thought "what a waste" and "peyote doesn't grow wild in Africa. Does it?" Then I woke up.
Northerner said:
So jealous. When I smoalk things in dreams they're not active. :lol:

When i smoked that peyote in my dream it was very active!..

in a dream..Ive triped on acid on top od giant swaying skyscrapers it was so comical ,,

In dreams.. ive flown across giant mountains like an eagle for many miles..

In high level dreams.. ive pushed through brick walls that gave way like dust..also flown through glass windows that stretched like rubber!

In a dream ive swam in a swimming pool filled with [not water but]..pure sparkiling energy that was quite an experiance!..

In a dream .. ive met and was rescued by energy beings!

Dont underestimate the power of dreams:thumb_up:

If you ever have a high level lucid dream or just a very vivid pre lucid dream.. you will find out that any experiance can be re produced in a dream.!.. including sex drugsor even walking through the gates of heaven...it dont matter!

Dream experiances can be very powerfull!...
Awesome stuff starway. I've experienced dmt freebase, cannabis, and some other miscellaneous altered states in my dreams. The time I had smoked dmt it had been in a small room and I was sitting in a small group of people as we passed the pipe around. I woke up just as soon as he effects took hold and started to build, woke up shortly after.

I've experienced cannabis several times, and there's been a few instances where I had just smoked right then, waking up shortly after with the taste in my mouth, which would last for probably 10-15 seconds then slowly fade away as I lay there. No effects though, just the taste seemed to be brought back.

The trippiest experiences I've had in dreams have definitely been when I never ingested a drug in the dream - driving down along this giant cornfield with two ufos [following me] in the sky sending out shock waves, with each waves hitting me, the car and the environment, changing everything into wave like patterns, along with the surrounding sky shifting through different color spectrums, while the sky would turn from day to night and back again continually [I've had 3 of these dreams] for a good portion of the dream. I've had many other dreams like this.
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