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I think i found a treatment for Visual Snow

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yesterday i drank some passion flower tea to see if it can make the opioids more powerful or not.
but after half hour i felt some difference in colors i was seeing.i thought maybe thats because of weak psychedelic properties of passion flower(see wikipedia).but today after i woke up from sleep,suddenly i realized some difference i saw my hand looked like 4K,i closed my eyes and thats it!the dots are gone,now i can close my eyes and enjoy a full darkness.
i'm not sure if it works for everyone but if i had hppd i definately tried it,it has no big side effects,just a little dizziness.i used 2 or 3 full spoon of passion flower leaf.and put some hot water.a little wait and drank it.
i use some other supplements but they are routine and i use them everyday,i don't think they are the reason to be treated but they may have some interference.it was vitamin bs and l-arginine and coenzymeq10 and omega3.
but the effect started before using them.i have still have my tinnitus and sometimes it goes up and down in volume.i do still have some after image.but the vision is pretty much better.i do see some little vibrations but its a significant change for me to not see those big dots that i thought they will someday make me blind.maybe if i use some more passion flower tea it will get better than this.
i write about the next uses here.
after couple days of passion flower usage i think its not an important treatment.
but its effective for short times.it works for around 24 hours.and eating raw leaves of passion flower seems more powerful for me.
and it made a little heart pain to me.although i am different and i have heart problem.i think its not the case for everyone.
an important side effect for me is when i use it 4 hours or less before bed it makes time perception longer during sleep.its bad in my opinion.
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