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Iboga - Hello!

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Hello all,

Newbie here with some experience with MDA and Shrooms, and I have booked my ayahuasca retreat in Portugal in September which I'm very excited for.

Up next is iboga, but I am having trouble finding the right person/retreat to go on.

I would like to get in touch with the member, Bancopuma but being a new member it seems that I am unable to PM. He seems very well versed in iboga - is there anyway of connecting with this memmber? Otherwise, some iboga recommendations would be greatly appreciated! I am not an addict, but I'm in this for personal and spiritual development. I don't want to do a group session which a number of places in the Netherlands offer, and from what I understand the TPA is the best way to go, but again I am struggling to find a reputable source.

Thanks in advance, and I look forward to sharing my journeys with you in due course.


I don't know if this would fall under discussing "selling, buying or procuring drugs". You better contact the traveller or one of the moderators to sort that out.

I've done iboga myself. I'm not gonna tell you where to get it, for Obvious reasons. But i can give you some advice.

1-try smaller doses first. taking iboga is not completely void of risks, and it is realy wise to see how your body is going to respond to the stuff.
2-Don't do flood-doses of iboga on your own.
3-Make sure you are physically in great shape. Eat well and drink well the weeks prior to your flood experience. If you are well fed and hydrated, the experience is much easier to take.
4-Don't eat anything on the day you're gonna flood. Don't try to eat anything during your flood-experience.
5-Drink well during your flood. Dehydration is a serious risk. Ofcourse you shouldn't drink too much either, but that's one of those things where a sitter can be realy helpfull. Don't drink fruitjuices. The acidity of fruitjuices is too much for your stomach to take, when it is completely empty.
6-Don't take all of your iboga at once. Take small amounts during the day or days, depending on how much you're going to take. That realy matters an awfull lot, believe me. The iboga experience will be much more comfortable and smooth, if you don't take everything at once.
Thanks Dragonrider, great advice much appreciated.

I think I will take Iboga on a retreat with some supervision in the first instance for safety reasons.

I will let you know how I get on, I hope to take it in a few months' time.
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