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Ibogaine for a friend with heroin addiction

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I have a friend of many years who I have recently gotten back in touch with. She has always had problems but after speaking to her and some people I used to hang out with I have learned that she has a very bad heroin addiction. I spoke to her at length and she wants to stop but nothing has worked for her. I suggested Ibogaine but the retreats are very expensive and airfare makes it not affordable for her at all. She seems very open to trying it and I would really like to help her get her life back. Knowing the incredible resource that Nexus is, I wanted to ask if anyone has had any experience giving Ibogaine themselves. Is this the kind of situation where I can safely administer the drug to her without years of experience, so long as I do my due diligence? Can I expect to be able to provider her with the kind of quality and safe experience that could lead to her breaking her addiction? Any help would be greatly appreciated. If this is something that I most certainly should not do, can anyone make any recommendations by PM or private chat as to how I could find her treatment.

Thank you

I've taken ibogaïne myself, but not to cure any addiction so i can't say anything about that. Thing is, iboga is realy heavy stuff. If you're not in a good condition physically, you could realy get serious cardiac issues. Iboga can be deadly.

I can't give you any other advice than to seriously consider the risks and to be carefull.
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