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Ibogaine for long term tramadol use

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I'm looking into Ibogaine treatment for long term use of tramadol, pre and post surgery on my spine. Does anyone know if this is safe and effective, if I need to wean right down first or can just go for it. TIA.
I've never done it, but from what I've read you could just quit cold turkey, do iboga, and you won't even withdrawal.

Be prepared though, it is incredibly long lasting and could make you very sick.

As for tramadol, I'm not sure what long-term effects of it are and if the withdrawals from it are anywhere as severe as from heroin or morphine so my recommendation is to try and wean off. See how you feel, and if you think you have no other help go for iboga.

You could also microdose for a anti-addiction maintenance, and that would be a gram or so per day. You might feel its effects from a dose as low too but it shouldn't be too overwhelming that you won't be able to function properly in your day to day life.

If you plan on going to do a full dose have a few days off, possibly do it when you're on vacation. The main effects are going to last a full 24h or more, not including the duration of after effects. It will make you extremely sleep deprived nevertheless so I recommend in this case to have some melatonin near by.
I have no experience with Iboga, but I did withdraw from Tramadol once and it was unpleasant. A general sense of impending doom, aches, pains, sleeplessness and bizarre frenetic nightmares for about a week followed by another couple of weeks of listlessness and fatigue.

I'll never touch the stuff again.
Ibogaine can be a great option.

(I have not taken ibogaine, only researched it)

Just like anything, ibogaine carries risks, some are quite serious, research is the key, you must carefully weigh the risks and benefits. ( it also helps if you find objective information on the matter, rather than taking all your information from a center which is selling these services. )

...ibogaine is quite effective, the research I have reviewed indicates that ibogaine can successfully allow an opioid dependant individual to stop using without withdrawal symptoms, it also has some effect in reducing the urge to use.

Ibogaine has been shown to be effective with non-opioid substances of abuse as well.


Miscellaneous ibogaine research:

People with problem substance use have found that larger doses of ibogaine can significantly reduce withdrawal from opiates and temporarily eliminate substance-related cravings.


By some estimates, ibogaine use has a mortality rate of about 1 in 300. Deaths from ibogaine have been attributed to bradycardia (slowing of the heart), lethal combinations with other substances, liver problems, and other conditions. Anyone interested in using ibogaine to treat substance abuse should carefully weigh the risks and benefits of treatment, and should ensure that medical assistance is available during the session.

Preclinical research has generally supported anecdotal claims that ibogaine attenuates withdrawal symptoms and reduces drug cravings. Concerns about ibogaine's safety, as well as a dearth of solid data from human studies, have hampered progress in its development as an approved medication. This article outlines major findings from preclinical studies, discusses concerns about ibogaine's safety, and details previous and ongoing research on ibogaine's use as an anti-addictive treatment for humans.


Link to non-opioid ibogaine research


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