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Icaros on Youtube

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Since I'm on restriction, I figured my 1st post would be a useful one :)

I have taken DMT tea (twice) in the comforts of my home.

I saged first, cleaned up and made sure a bucket was close by.

I also had this:

going on my phone with ear buds.

The music caused me to travel, kept me safe and showed me many things both times.

Also I did not throw up or get sick at all.

I used Harmala 10x and mimosa hostilis

After the third brew of mimosa I added an egg white to the mimosa....allowed it to coagulate to the tannins, scooped off the purple foam from the surface and then let it sit in the fridge overnight. I removed the rest of the sediment from the bottom and as a result had two incredibly smooth and enlightening journeys where I learned many things.

PM me if anyone would like further instructions on removing the tannins .

: )


Oh yea, I do have 1 question to start with...

Is there other good music while traveling? Or other ways to ensure safety? I haven't tried anything else yet or without music...
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