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ideal e-juice for safety and efficacy

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been reading a lot about how to dissolve spice into e-juice and one thread recommended peg400 as it is easily dissolved but with furthur research it sounds like it produces formaldehyde in quantity you wouldn't want to inhale.

what ejuices are best for dissolving spice and making it possible to use whatever variety of pen so that you are only inhaling spice and relatively safe juice?

seems like these pens are the holy grail and would love to have one on hand but i am concerned about my health and would love some input on how this has been done safely. any input is greatly appreciated!
What do you mean with the formaldehyde thing?:

1_Is there an increase risk for people who vape in combination with the spice?


2_ are you talking about the current risk that every single vaper in exposed when using PG VG e-juice?

My stand on the e-juice has been this one: I only take it ocassionaly (with the spice), I am no vaper. I hope that if all those millons people around the world haven´t die yet, this liquid can´t be so bad. I know what they say... it could take years for symptons to appear, it´s not like cigarretes, which have been around for many years and we are fully aware of its effects on people´s health.

Regarding your inquiry, what I can tell you from my experience is that a mixed VG-PG juice with no nicotine (according to ducdevil post where hyperspace entities manifested their dislike) will work (not even 100% PG). I use 1:6 ratio (slow intake, 2-4 hits) but I´m willing to try 1:5 next time (more experienced users would preffer 1 hit ratios).
Also, get one of the big devices, not the thin ones ("pen style", cigarette like). With a sub ohm atomizer. (I have a "vaporesso mini" and worked really well at 35W, don´t remember the exact atomizer though, it came with the kit). Try to practice making big clouds with the e-juice you´ll use to mix the spice into.
Also, this method doesn´t allow you to easily combine the harmalas with the spice, I recommend you not to forget about the harmalas, spice only trips can be a little bit alien...

You can check and infographic I made here: E-vape infographic
Please, report on your experience with the E-juice, I´d like to get more feedback, specially on the E-juice preparation and limitations.

Good luck.
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