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im back...kind of

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hello ppl.im pretty much just droppin this post to say hi.this is my first post here.i spent alot of time on dmtworld back in the day,and after the site went down i decided to take a break from forums and focus on innerspace instead of cyberspace.i was hopeing to bring a lil oldschool knowledge to this forum but i see theres plenty of knowledge already here.props.

im just glad to see another dmt forum up and running.its definitly a life changing chemical and needs to be studied.peace

I to had a past life at DMT world as well. I participated in one of its birth/death cycles myself 95/96 maybe.

I actually explained to QT as she wrote her tek(OLD QT Tek) that it would not be a good thing to mention Iv dmt use. Because her tek and all other teks at the time were so CRUDE that Iv use of extracted dmt basically amounted to committing suicide .(BEFORE FREEZE PERCEPT yep no one knew) so she gave me a thanks and credit at the end of her tek back in when ever it was.

The tek yielded a semi solid orange gooo and we were all HAPPY to have it. Sure you could run another A/B and lose 70percent of the gooo you have(MHRB $300US lb) It took a MONTH to complete the extraction.

Now its another world we Nextoains would NEVER smoke a nasty gooo....

It realy has become just like the old story "When I was your age we walked to school in freezing cold there was no school bus":lol: :lol:

Wonder what happened to Quantum Tantra? If she is reading this PM me. She was a cute lady hence QT

Another life time it seems.
and some historic DMT facts
back in the..........................................................................:lol:

yes majikvenom extractions have come along way and it did it with small steps.i remember my first crude extraction,allowed naptha to completey dry in a pyrex dish,had some nice yellow, flakey crystals in the bottom.a wash barely cleaned it up and the vapor was too much for some people to even inhale,including me sometimes .ahhh the old burnt plastic taste lol. theres no telling what i did to my lungs back then,before vivons tek with freeze sep came around.

anyways,thanks for the warm greating! peace

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