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I have only recently stumbled on to DMT and am currently trying to work out which type to make. So far it looks like what I'm going for is more of a Ayahuasca type of experience since I am interested in exploring creative possibilities for original music. I'm hoping to find other musicians here who can point me in the right direction.

I have experimented with lsd and shrooms in the past. Although, I did learn a lot from those experiences, they didn't do much for musical creativity at the time....

Any thoughts or suggestions in this area would be appreciated.

I'm currently reading thru the forums and files section.

hey scaler, welcome to the Nexus...

you know you just reminded me...

one of my favorite things to do when drinking ayahuasca is conduct symphonies in hyperspace.
I was a little blown away when I realized I could play any instrument....multiple...even a dozen or more of them together....
I then learned I could create my own physicless instruments. I have the best sounding drum in the universe (it warbles as I slap it around my Lap) that has a slithering fretless bass that booms from the core of it that's controlled with the mind. Some seriously funky shit goes down there...

I've gotten technical at times and tried running different instruments on different time signatures and that's always a fun experiment.

My advice? Work with your entheogenic allies and play your instruments flowing from your heart radiating in and out your hands ...

I think it was Ali Akbar Khan who said something about achieving the ability to play music that would even impress God...so to speak...

and yes, hyperspace LOVES style.

DMT to sucks for musical inspiration. But at the same time it is VERY inspiring all round.

I find LSD and mushroom just CRAVE creativity. All I want to do with these is play my guitar or do a bit of Trance. But DMT and ayahuasca are very much music - off, lights - out, lie down. Though low ayahuasca doses are very good for musical appreciation.

... and welcome :)
Hey thanks guys for the welcome and the feedback.

Lots of good info here. I had considered getting a BA Toad but those guys are huge. Looks like he'd need a pretty big enclosure and lots of crickets.

What is the next best botanical alternative?

It's looking like MHRB so far.
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