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Infinity, Fractals, Reality

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Having ingested the shrooms and vaped the DMT, I felt like all of my filters had been removed. In my mind, our human awereness is evolved for a purpose - to secure our space inside this world, procreate, prolong and protect ourselves. It only follows that most of our sense-reality, a.k.a. the culmination of all of our perceptions, would be geared towards those ends. In other words, we mostly just know what we need to know to survive. There is an additional sense, though - one which is needed on some deep level. A sense which, when developed to its full extent, allows the subject to trascend this game of fight or flight. The third eye! All it is is, calming yourself and removing your filters to see what really lies in front of you. The filters that your ego provides you with. In this light, it seems that ego death and the loss of these filters is the true key to seeing reality for what it is. Bear with me here. The ego can be destroyed in a multitude of ways, but a few spring to mind immediately: meditation, psychedelic drug use, and of course, good old fashioned death.

To put a long story short my ego was thouroughly destroyed on this trip, and it felt like an eyepatch was lifted from my third eye. I started thinking about the nature of reality. What I saw, with all filters removed, was as follows:

In the beginning, there was one. A perfect particle, with no shape, form, flaw, or feature. It encompassed everything, and as such it contained an infinite amount of energy. This smooth, all encompassing "thing", was so full of energy it was practically bursting. So it split. The two parts, being of the same origin, were very much alike. But as they grew and spread across the growing gap between them, sometimes colliding, they each took on a bit of a different character.

Similar yet distinct, these two parts of the whole were filled with an incredible amount of energy. You have to remember - this was all that existed! Charged with potential, and with nothing else to put all this energy into, the "one" which was two did the only thing it was familiar with. It split again. Where there was once one, now four, each part alike in essence, yet somehow not the same.
It may help to envision it as a V shape, with a mini v on the tip of each arm.

This continued ad infinitum. But no matter how complex the network looked, or where you zoomed out or in, you would always see a V shape. The network was good for the "perfect particle" that started it all. It helped to spread out it's infinite energy, giving it form and structure and preventing it from bursting at the seams. But after a while, this infinite fractal was not enough. Something more was needed. Somehow, the network had to become more complex. Well, what else was the "particle" familiar with, besides branching? It had tried being two... The only other option was to once again, become one.

But remember, the two parts of the V were distinct. They had grown apart, and the two were now oppositely charged.. to become one again, one would have to go, or at least take on the charge of the other.
Suddenly, two arms of one tiny V collapsed. One had prevailed and the losing arm ceased to exist. This set in motion a domino-chain reaction. Arms begain collapsing in sequence, so now, lines begain to form. Things took uniform appearance in places, distinct duality in others. The lines spread at random, pinching and pulling the network into shapes and forms.
Essentially, patterns began to form. These patterns rippled across the network with ever increasing complexity, some arms prevailing, others failing. They began to take on lives of their own, these patterns. Their methods of prevailing became more sophisticated, evolving to suit their needs. The patterns formed together, something like cells in a body. Together they were stronger, better able to overcome enemies which were smaller by comparison. As always, some patterns prevailed, others failed. The groups of fractals grew bigger, more efficient, more complex. Each had a strategy, and whoever prevailed was granted a simple reward - continued existence. This was the better branch. Now, there was just one thing left for the particle to learn. It had been one, and branched into two. But the energy it contained was still too much, and it was putting a strain on the system. To disperse it, one V branched into 3 arms. One of the 3 branched into 4, and so on. With this new power of infinite options things got really interesting. Reality as we know it began to take form.

Yes, things became quite complex. But despite everything, if you zoomed back far enough, you would still see there were just two parts to the whole. Eventually, one will have to prevail. Which one is better? Some might call them good and evil.

It seems to me that the end of reality as we know it is a return to this state of one. And whichever side of the coin prevails will determine what this "one thing" is like for a while.

But if the ultimate goal is for better branch to prevail and two to become one... What's stopping this new, better, infinitely charged omnipresence from splitting again? Nothing, I say. It will split once more and start the process all over when the energy becomes too great, ad infinitum.

Thats my 2 cents on reality. Thanks for taking the time to read.:) I think this is a fairly sound explanation of the basic nature of existence, but I am always open to new perspectives. If you'd like to offer yours, add to mine, or simply say hello, please drop a reply.
Great Post!!!

Please Forgive Me if I'm posting Nstead of starting thread or ???
I Feel Compelled to State!!
How Nice it Is 1st To Be Here!! 2nd For This Wonderful Opportunity My God- Creator of All Has Given Me to Be Here!!!
But appx 4.44 AM.
I remembered My Father All ways Rising @ 4.40 am. Also how Long He's Been Gone. He passed when I was a Lad of 17 in 1978.
Also How He Must Have Loved This Time in the a.m.!! As I'm 56 Now. 4 yrs his senior at his passing. I can't get used to the idea that I'm Older than My Father Was!!
Love & Miss You " Biff"

1 more Thing I gotta share as I Do Think This Pertinent to DMT.
I dreamed I was a Cat I suppose just a common house at. Shitt Maby A Lion !!- anyway
I saw this Bird in my Dream of Being this Cat!!- A Force Of Nature Come Over Me & I Pounced on said Bird and proceded To Eat Said Bird!! I had No Choice in the matter nor time to even entertain such Thoughts! It Happened!!
I awoke n thought about it fondly and even Shared experience with Choice Friends.
But A Cat Is Just a Cat. Yet 1 of Gods Creatures!
So that means to me
A Man is Just a Man etc...etc....
Nature Is Going Along Flawlessly!! It is We Who have a Problem!!
I Fear its
The Human Condition.
This Too will pass!!
1 Love All!!
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