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Information On a great healing center in Iquitos Peru.

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I get lots of Pm's about where to go for traditional ceremonies in Peru. My good freind and fellow nexus member Enri1234 has opened his healing center just outside Iquitos in the Amazonian rain forest. The Shaman Emilio he has working with him I spent 3 months with in ceremony and is by far my favorite healer I have worked with.
Enrique, the center owner is by far the most experienced and knowledgeable person i have ever met regarding plant medicines and ayahausca especially.

They offer different plant medicines and dieta as well as Yoga, guided meditation and other services. Here is the website for anyone traveling to that region and looking for a recommendation.

awesome thanks for this post Mon'

i have been studying Spanish for two years now
and am finally leaving for a life awaited journey to south america, my plane leaves august 15,
I admit that since December i have been urging the date to come around fast, and now i feel my path converging i am a little anxious, i will definitely miss my family at first, but it is something i feel now, which has been always a 'destination'. And definitely what i need to bring more appreciation to the memories i have.

i have been looking into retreats. This is perfect.
i am currently searching through all your posts ;)

(Thats mighty kind of them to have reasonable prices for their workshops; as it should be for healing, though considerations granted.)
Yes thats in Nuevo Soles. 1 U.S. dollars is about 2.6 Soles. Its very reasonably priced for that area and how good their Shamans are. Its also quite beautiful, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it. I knew Ernrique was opening a center but had no idea it was going to be that quality. He charges less than half most other centers charge in Iquitos.

Please tell them hello for me if you go there. Great people and Enriques knowledge of plants is incredible.
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