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Inner Struggle

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A question here. Any reply would be appreciated
My problem is for years, since a toddler, I've always had
mystical experiences. The problem however is this. I have
full control over my appetites. But I seem to vacillate between
the lower self and the higher self. I have a fondness for cocaine
because of its erotic stimulus. But when in contact through mediation
or plain seeing, I feel uncomfortable to the point I hesitate to use DMT.
Any advise out there?
This is most likely because of the becoming experience. Even experienced travellers and myself feel uncomfortable on occasions before doing it. My advise is to try a low dose so you know you aren't going to break through and the hit another dose before the effect wears off. A small dose always has a calming effect on myself.

Changa is also a lot more gentle on you
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