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Integrating Exploring Psychedelics 2016 conference

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Just returned home from the incredibly gorgeous Ashland Oregon area, where I attended the conference last week. Over a dozen presenters over two days, all of whom gave inspiring and lightning talks to a large room filled near capacity throughout the entire time, left me buzzing with energy and provided lots of fodder for meditation and rumination.

I myself was presented with the opportunity to talk on a panel! While my public storytelling skills need to be developed a little further, my brief talk on my ongoing experience healing depression and addiction through entheogens and peak experience was well met and I've heard that it wasn't entirely awful. A woman came to me in tears afterward actually saying she had been moved at the personal relation she had to my story. It has inspired me to hone those skills and develop several presentations which I will then shop venues for.

I am so thankful to have found and become a part of this wider community, the entheogenic experience changed my life from one of ego-driven, selfish delusion and suffering to one of relative fulfillment purpose, liberty and effectiveness. I'm dedicating the remainder of my visit here on earth to spread this, to raise awareness and give hope where there is none.

Leaving the conference, my mind was buzzing with all the new ideas and crystallization of extant ones brought on by listening to so many wonderful speakers and from being surrounded by hundreds of good friends I'd never met. All my anxiety at being on a state dissolved under that realization. We ARE one.

Carrying this into the future, I'm galvanized and inspired, my veracity and conviction are even stronger than before and I feel amazing; proud and grateful to be a droplet in this wave of reason and liberty that is growing in strength across this nation and around the world.

Thank you for being a part of it to.

Anyone who wishes to be more active and engaged in the larger discussion and activity going on around the renewal of the experiential awareness of the divine, or the possibilities and promise of any of the many routes to using psychedelics as therapeutic adjuncts, cognitive liberty and harm reduction or any topics associated with the undeniable entheogenic revolution that is going on would be well advised to pay attention to conferences in your area and attend. We need you!

This link at erowid is a updated calendar of upcoming events of interest:
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