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Intense dream theme

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At least ten times now I have felt this in my dreams. Usually the onset of it is something horrifying, fear of the unknown or something to do with dying. Well I can't explain it very clearly in terms of reality but it is that tingling coming up your spine, that numbness in your brain, the sudden onset of fear and empathy for something I do not know. It comes on like a huge wave of fear and uncertainty and gives me the impression that I am breaking through and that my head is going to explode, the pressure and intensity of it is very real when I am fast asleep and not once have I surrendered to it. It scares me when it happens but I wake up regretting letting go. It also seems as if I can initiate this feeling while lucid dreaming and I am not sure if I can relate it to DMT, but the rush of it is so overwhelming when I wake up suddenly I enter a sleep paralysis state for a few seconds to even a minute. It feels as if I am going to die and enter another state of mind, that it may harm me in some way. Is this a precursor to astral projection, higher states of mind, or just my mind messing with me? Well don't get me wrong I am very much willing to explore this, I am still holding back, any tips would be appreciated.
I've been having some very intense dreams as of late too, i recently quit smoking pot (legal issues) and have been having insanely intense dreams. I have been having a lot of "chase" dreams, where i always seem to be running from something, last night i even was able to say "ok, kill me now" and they shot me in my dream then i woke up in my bed but realized me waking was just a dream of me waking. I really don't know what to tell you man, i can say that the dream state is a very unknown and sometimes dangerous territory, especially considering astral planing and out-of-body travel. I know it is extremely hard to let go of your body, but it sounds like you are getting very close to astral projection IMO! I would suggest you look up some techniques on o.o.b.e.'s and astral planing, maybe you could learn some methods to help you let go!! Good luck friend and please share your experiences with me some more!
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