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wow. You know. When the question is posed to you it kinda throws you for a loop...

I have to say that honestly my intentions rest in satisfying my curiosity. I have a little bit of unfinished business from my last breakthrough dose and I need to go back and do things right.

Honestly though, I don't feel like I'm spiritually ready to return. I haven't been preparing at all. I have nothing but garbage to offer them.
At first I had no intentions other than possibly identifying other people while we were all under the DMT influence.

Just recently my curiosity expanded to include: Exploring entity contact as either a representation of self, or as a separate, intelligent, individual, consciousness.

I'm also interested in the ability to travel DMT spaces and the possibility of being able to return to the same spaces/places.
I've been staying away from spice for a little while now. I even gave the last of it to a friend of mine.

This is a good oppertunity for me to get 50mgs back from him and get back on that hyperspace horse so to speak.
My intent the most recent time(last week) was for inspection. They seem to sniff me up and down for character defects, ulterior motives, etc.

While on my two month hiatus I truly tried to live right. Never be selfish, forego judgement of others, do unto others, etc. I truly felt like I could wear white and make eye contact. I felt good about myself. Well, it paid off. They said I WAS clean, squeaky clean. It felt so wonderful to finally be in a ggod place spiritually and have my sacrament confirm it for me. I've never been happier in my life.

I owe thanks to many here at the nexus. This community has helped me grow spiritually.

I can't wait for the event, I hope to see all in there!


Looking forward to meet you all, but I doubt that's going to happen, the entities seem to have an agenda of their own ;)
On the other hand, with DMT you never know!

Yes Jasons it really helps to live a good life. My own situation could be better: I should call some neglected friends and clean up the house before launching.

To me, it doesn't really matter if we can establish 'contact' or not, it's just good to have a date fixed weeks in advance and prepare well for a big breakthrough. The main intent is pure love!

Honestly though, I don't feel like I'm spiritually ready to return. I haven't been preparing at all. I have nothing but garbage to offer them.
Too bad Hexa... still 6 days to go, a lot can happen in that time. Maybe they can help cleaning up some of the garbage if you ask politely??? Do we always have to wait for the perfect set & setting or can we humbly ask for help?
This question is always creeping up if a global date is planned - it's always bad timing for a significant group of people, but can they go ahead anyway?
I too am doubting contact with fellow travelers, but I acknowledge the mysterious unknown. I think that's what was flawed about having your own glyph...that just enables a subjective experience. This time we should all be focusing on the enneagram. Although, I am aware that fellow travelers will do whatever they want :] everyone has their own style.

I am building an enneagram out of an old bike rim and some twine that will be hung in front of where I trance. Gazing for a few minutes to get it into the subconsciousness, as well as seeing how it affects hyperspace with both eyes open and shut.

I have had incredible experiences in the last few years when it comes to consciousness...I have been shown that you can leave messages in the form of feelings/thoughts and send them to people.(if the person is sensitive enough, they will receive) I have been shown that others can induce OBE by just simply focusing on someone while they're in trance. I also once reached my hand through hyperspace and was able to feel my lovers hands who was very far away at the time and we danced, exchanging mudras.

Because of this forum, we are all connected in some way. That's just the way it works. We probably run into each other often in the dream world without even knowing it.

I am excited for the 11th. I intend to do more than just love, I want to weave the nexus into the enneagram and see what happens. Although, you are absolutely right, tryptographer. Whoever's on the other side indeed has their own agenda...it is so very fascinating! As my signature states, I just like to test possibilities...
i will be there:
without any intention but to be there.
make yourself easy like a hyperspace elf.
i will focus the center of myself.
i recommend everyone to focus his own center.
so we can recognize:
we create hyperspace in eternity without any intention.
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