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Interested in extraction tek

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Dear forum,

Why did I register here? Let me put a few words.

First of all, I am not that interested in DMT. It just does not feel right for me. I am more interested in compounds like Mescaline or 2C-B.

I read the extraction tek articles with great interested and I would like to thank the authors for all the effort they put into this. Having studied chemistry, I would like to give back something to this community as I have some suggestions how to make them better and less error prone.

Beside from this, I like to discuss about basically everything. From politics, to music, sex, and relationships.

Looking forward to discuss with you guys!

Sorry for minor mistakes. English is not my native language.
:) Hello DrSeltsam brother Sir have you tried 5-MeO? We need simple enough tek to extract 5-MeO (from virola resin, grasses, turkey red...etc) using everyday equipment and simple tools, we understand this compound is easily destroyed....:thumb_up:
Hello Intezam,

Thanks for your reply. Looks like an interesting case. Reading the discussion I do not really get the problem as 5-Meo-DMT should be very stable. To quote Shulgin "The hydrochloride salt can be made by passing a stream of hydrogen chloride gas through an Et2O solution of the base. It, upon recrystallization from EtOH / Et2O, had a mp of 145-146 °C.".

What I could guess is that it is not destroyed but forms some complex so it stays in water to be not extracted. Depending on what you use to basify and which solvent is used, the complex might or might not form.

Honestly, I could discuss on the topic but I will not try it myself. I am not interested in stuff that you have to smoke or iv.

Regarding this tek: Kash's A/B Mescaline Extraction - DMT-Nexus Wiki

This has several problems:

1.) Do not use citric acid. Citric acid works as an emulsifying agent and thus the layers will not seperate easily.
2.) If you basify the "tee" straight you will create the salts of the fatty acids, which should be emulsifying agents as well.

I would de-fat the tea fist by making sure it is acid and then extract the fats with the solvent of your choice. Having done that, basify and extract the alkaloids.
Welcome, doktorStrange! It's nice to have another chemist on board. The advice you are giving will be of most value if it is based in your own practical experience. I see that in the method which you highlight it has been stated for quite some time that citric acid can cause emulsion problems, so take good care to avoid redundancy of effort!
Yea, I am aware that it is stated that "Citric Acid Appears More Likely To Cause Emulsions". I would not recommend using it at all but just use acetic acid and de-fat before basify.
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