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Interesting Different DMT A/B Pull Qualities.

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SWIM started off the pulls with Naptha, freeze precip'd, and washed with ammonia. SWIM was getting clear and white crystals but were somewhat harsh.

SWIM was away for awhile and left naptha in for over a week. Pulled and they came out yellowish. SWIM did a sodium bicarb wash (accidental) and there was water left over in the mason jar. SWIM thawed out, put in sep funnel, and drained off the water. SWIM threw back in fridge and these yellow, very crystally, crystals precip'd out. Those are the one on the left.

SWIM did another pull and out came a slightly off white/yellowish powder type of dmt. Crystals in the middle.

And finally, SWIM got some sodium carb and did a correct sodium carb wash. The crystals came out clear and crystally. SWIM is pleased and loves sodium carb now. Crystals on the right.

SWIM has not had a chance to test out any of the qualities but will be dosing some pharma tonight. He can't decide which pile to use o_O ...


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Great crystals, SWIM has got many like that, but not from sodium carbonate washes, rather slow evaporating.

SWIM hasn't had any success with sodium carbonate washes. Still gave yellow spice, care to elaborate the exact steps of the wash, if you don't mind.
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