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Intro Essay

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Hello All,

I guess you could say this is my introduction essay.

Let me start off by giving a little bit of info about myself. I am huge cannabis enthusiast, and I am blessed enough that I have legal access in my jurisdiction. My preferred method of THC administration, is dabbing concentrates. I am attracted to the precision and scientific nature of dabbing almost as much as getting stoned lol. I use a single loop recycler rig with three hole diffusion combo'd with an electronic nail that I acquired from dhgate.com for approx 100 bucks. I have yet to test the accuracy of this unit with a laser thermometer, but from personal use of hash oil for over 2 years, the temperatures seem to be fairly consistent with my experience of dabbing. I have used this method for dabbing spice and the results have been fantastic. I have used both titanium and quartz nails for dabbing the spice, personally I have not noticed a difference in taste either in hash or spice, but others seem to get a more harsh taste out of the titanium nail (this may be due to the conductive nature of TI causing increased temperatures resulting in a more concentrated hit or possible metallic impurities in the nail itself?). I am most interested in the explorgrowation of possible solvents/methods that could be used in the production of cannabis concentrates, and varying cannabinoid and terpene profiles they can create. I think that different solvents, or lack of, used in extraction teks could also play a large role in the alkaloid profiles extracted from the spice containing material, and the overall experience of the trip. I also think that some techniques and practices used in cannabis extractions could possibly carry over to spice, however I am no chemist (yet).

Not going to lie, I see this website as a valuable tool and storage of information. But at the same time, I am a little cautious and paranoid that this information is publicly available at such ease of access. It makes me wonder who is watching or possibly orchestrating this whole forum.

Spice has been an invaluable experience and has me questioning my cannabis habit. I have smoked and vaporized spice, and it has brought me spiritual connection, that of which was almost non existent. I grew up Christian and I am a confirmed catholic, however, since my confirmation, Catholicism and Christianity have seemed more and more as a filter for God. An easy way out for the weak minded if you will. Not to bash any Christians, but organized religion, IMO, limits the creativeness and true power of the Spirits (God). Anyways, not to get too off topic, I joined this forum because I want to protect and nurture the experience that this substance has given me and others. I am very interested in the controlled study of this substance. I am a firm believer that the factors and variables involved in the process are critical, however I also believe that this experience should not take place in a human controlled environment, but rather in God's environment nature. I also see this substance, sadly, as an emerging market in the sub culture of the rave scene, along other substances such as lsd or shrooms. That is not what this substance is for, this experience is much more profound and enlightening than any other substance I have encountered. In addition, the role that DMT plays in the human brain is truly fascinating. The idea that a particle can induce supposed "near death" experiences and vivid realities more real than life is amazing and truly awe inspiring. It is something that must be addressed and further researched, in the proper way, as society as a whole is not ready for something like this, something that so distinctly connects the quantitative world to the spiritual one. The link must be studied, it must be examined by those that are willing to explore the void. It must be done in a proper, controlled, scientific manner with high regard to respect for the substance. This is not something to mess around with or share at parties or social events. Drugs are something meant to be shared with those that are ready, not to sell to those that are unfortunate. Modern day western medicine seems to consist mostly of placebo, with faith placed in pills that will make everything better, for those that have forgotten faith, have forgotten true healing.

My dream is to become a psychologist, the human mind is truly amazing, and is something I wish to explore, observe, and heal. Peace, love and kindness:)

I have trips to report, many trips :).
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