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Intro essay

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round n round we go!
Hi all!
This is my first post (obviously), but i mention it because it is always hard for me to know how to begin this kind of things, as I am usually a very reserved individual, and even more so when it comes to the topic of mind, consciousness and spirituality, all of which are in my opinion, related to the use of psychedelics. Back in the 90s, when i was in my teens, I discovered a world beyond ordinary or everyday-life reality through the use of a few gateway drugs. For many years I looked for answers to fundamental questions, questions that I am sure many of you have also asked at some point during your psychedelic adventures, questions regarding our human condition, and the connections between the cosmos, the psyche, the spirit, and everything in between.
After a couple of decades, my journey has evolved considerably, from my early years as a curious, thrill-seeking, reckless youngster, to an older guy with many experiences, few memories, and even less words. During my quest, i have accumulated many bad experiences, many mistakes, yet through hardsips I have also gotten some of the answers I was looking for. What hasn't changed is my avid interest in my spiritual journey. And now dmt is something that I think might provide me with some useful insights and more learning.
This is why Im looking to learn more about dmt, extraction procedures and other related stuff, and I am glad to have found this forum and you guys from whom I can learn a lot.
Cheers 😁
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