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Introducing myself

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Hello fellow psychonauts. I've been using weed on and off for a year now, and while at first I thought it would make me brain dead (I was coping with some issues), it turned out to spark a curiosity in me that made me rethink drugs completely. I've always been fairly curious, mostly regarding computers and stuff, but after using cannabis I decided I needed to explore the wonders of chemistry, mostly organic/biochemisty and the ways in which I can alter my brain's functioning to discover new perceived realms of existence. As such, I decided I should find out more about more powerful psychedelics than mild marijuana, and spent about a year reading about most famous substances such as salvia divinorum, LSD, mescaline and magic mushrooms. Finally I found out about a supposedly very powerful drug called DMT in a reddit thread about six months ago. It seemed to be exactly what I was looking for, and reports said that it was easy to extract yourself, which also tingled my newfound love of chemistry. After this long time, I think I finally have the right conditions to try it: a friend, with whom I regularly get high, who is equally as interested as me in trying; a relaxed place with the exact setting as described with low lights, place to lie down, and a state of mind in which I no longer fear what shall come from new experiences, be they DMT or something else. Wish me luck in my endeavor, as I wish you in all of yours.
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