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Introducing Who I am Right Now

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Hello everyone!

I'm very excited to finally have joined the Nexus to hopefully be able to add to the community even just a little bit after lurking for so long. I've been learning here for about 2 years now, but never had the courage to make an account after being turned off by the behavior of others on various other forums.

A little bit about me:
-As long as I've been using mind altering substances psychedelics have always been my favorite due to their mysteries, teaching power, healing power, and ability to utterly humble a person and change their life
-Never done any stimulants aside from those in food/drink/tobacco, or any depressants aside from alcohol and don't intend to
-First tried mushrooms in high school, HBWR in college, as well as DMT and LSA through teks in college
-Struggled with alcoholism and nicotine addiction for years, until my first dose of DMT (non-breakthrough) switched something in my mind and effectively cured me of both addictions!
-I love chemistry, physics, and the natural sciences (majored in wildlife/conservation biology) and will take any opportunity I can to learn new things or look at something through a scientific lens
-I love to read, listen to all types of music, cook foods from as many cultures as I can learn, and will try just about anything which will broaden my horizons
-Notorious procrastinator

If you have any questions for me feel free to ask!

My goals here:
-Get to know all sorts of new people who I can listen to and share with
-Share my experiences with everyone to both be critiqued by those more experienced than myself, and to do my part to inform those coming from where I used to be
-Ask questions!

Hope this wasn't too long and gives you a brief snapshot of who I am at the moment!

All my best,

Hey Doog 733!

No need to worry about the behaviour of people on this forum, this forum is the best, the most supportive forum on the Internet by far! I'm positive you will enjoy your time here!

Some questions for you:

What is your take on spirituality, "God" , etc.

How did you get turned on to psychedelics?

What do you think is going on in the psychedelic state? Is it just brain chemistry, or something moar?

Anyway, so glad to have you here dude!

Welcome, brother!:thumb_up:
Thanks for the positivity! That's the sense I've gathered from the community 😁

I don't know if I have a take on "God" per se, but as far as spirituality goes, the universe and our reality are so awe inspiring and poorly understood that I would be inclined to say everything is part of a 'divine' energy. On the one hand I think human religions get some things right, especially the more peaceful/close to nature ones, but on the other I think religion is a way to rationalize this feeling of smallness compared to everything around us. So if I see a part of a religion that particularly resonates with me I'll assimilate that since it's all just another way to connect with the universe and each other.

My dad's a Dead-head and loved Pink Floyd only slightly less than the Dead. I grew up on their music and imagery and by being surrounded by it while growing up lyrics and symbolism became clear to me and I naturally gravitated towards similar people. It seemed like a natural progression almost. I do remember listening to Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast in the car and asking my dad what "psychedelic" meant and he described it with Scooby Doo references since I was only about 7 or 8. I guess when the opportunity to take substances came up I was predisposed towards psychs.

I don't know what to think about that state of mind, and I don't know if we'll ever know what it truly is. My scientific mind believes there's an explanation behind the psychedelic state, but my spiritual mind hopes there's a greater purpose for it.

I was wondering if there are any threads or discussions you particularly recommend digging up and reading?

Thanks for the welcome!

All my best,

Loved your post and how much you've shared about yourself. It's inspired to post a new introduction (seeing as mine was waaaaaayyyyyy long and a trip report. Thought I'd start with woth a bang lol) Definitely waiting to hear more from you. One love.
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