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Introduction Essay, and my recent psychedelic experiences

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Hello everyone!
I'm new to this forum, and I decided to write this introduction essay, because what could go wrong with it?
Please note that I'm not a native english speaker, so I might make a few spelling or grammar mistakes.

I registered to this forum because I'm looking forward into sharing my experiences with psychedelics and psychedelic plants, and I have a lot of questions about them as well. I'm currently studying as an organic chemist, because I want to study these molecules as much as possible in the future, and hopefully I will be able to find out some new things about them, maybe even make some new ones.

I was introduced to psychedelics trough my sister, who was a psychonaut too, but she had quite a different attitude to them. My first psychedelic trip was with 600 ug lucy, and that helped me realise that we need to understand that other realm much more. Since then, I have tried most of the common psychedelics, but my favourite will always be DMT.

I don't know what else could I say about myself on a forum like this, but I hope this tiny essay will help me later here, and make it easier to get to know me. :)
Welcome to the Nexus!

We need people like you to walk in Shulgin's footsteps. If you haven't yet, make sure to get and read Pikhal and Tikhal.

BTW, you mention you and your sister have different attitudes to psychedelics, could you elaborate on that? (Especially your own...)
Hello, thank you for reading, and for the support. :)

Well, my sister has only done lsd and shrooms, and she is a bit afraid of these molecules. She is quite a hippy, but she somehow doesn't handle them easily.

Me on the other hand, have never had any issues submitting myself to the compound, and I never had a bad experience, other than a really difficult trip, where I combined 1000 ug lsd, 3 g shrooms, and some dmt. She just fears psychedelics, but I have learned to respect them as a teacher, and not fear them. I don't know if this makes sence, hopefully it does. :)
It makes sense, but try to stay humble. There are two kinds of psychonauts - one who has had a bad experience, and one who is going to have one.
Yes, i really agree with that one. I'm sure the time will come whem I get my part of the bad trips too.
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