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Introduction essay for Siddhis

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Greetings everyone,

Just a brief introduction of myself to the forum…general background, interests and things I hope to accomplish here. I have a strong artistic streak, I am a musician and painter. My professional background is research science. I worked for twenty-six years as an associate-level pharmacologist focusing on neuroscience for a large corporation but recently retired. For many years I have been very interested in various states of consciousness. I have worked at and practiced various forms/ aspects of yoga and meditation. Looked into dream and energy-work. Have been especially interested in OBE and lucid-dreaming. In 2012 SWIM experienced 5-MEO. This sparked an interest in DMT and entheogens in general. I joined the nexus in 2012 and around that time, that other guy SWIM did a few A/B extracts using Mimosa H. with some success. Various life challenges/ constraints tugged this individual away from following this interest much further. Now that I am retired and free from some of those constraints I myself am interested in more work and study in this area. I am interested in the potential for entheogens to improve the quality of our life; our relationship with our own existence, one-another and with our own planet. I am especially interested in DMT (including 5-MEO) since both are basically endogenous neurotransmitters. I am also interested in psilocybin. I know there is presently some serious therapeutic-based research work being done with that molecule (and other hallucinogens). So I plan on reading up a bit on mycology as well. I consider this a high-quality and well-run site. I look forward to reading and contributing, meeting other researchers/ psychonauts online, discussing and kicking around ideas, contributing to the overall knowledge base and perhaps helping, in some small way, to realize the potential that is very obviously exists…
Welcome Siddhis!

Sounds like you'll fit in quite well around here.

As you've probably figured out by now, the quality of your contributions here on the Nexus fora directly correspond to how quickly you are voted to full membership status.

Enjoy your time here!

P.S. I like your choice of name.
Welcome to the Nexus!

What kind of a musician are you, what instruments and style you play?

Sounds like your pharmacology/science background will be a great addition to our community, feel free to post anywhere you feel you have a reason to chime in.

Be well!
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