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Introduction Essay

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Hello fellow Beings,

First off, I wish everyone who reads this positive energy.

Why am I here? I am here to expand my knowledge on life. From gaining new knowledge and applying it to my daily life, I believe that this will help me become a better human being. Additionally, I believe this will allow me to positively impact other fellow human beings lives. I'm a 20 year old male that lives in Canada. As of now, I'm going through a very difficult time in my life (cliche, I know.). If I can be strong enough to get through the next four years of my life (financially, education, family), this will be one of my greatest feats in my life. I love nature, hence why I enjoy hiking and camping. One of my long-term goals in life is to do a thru hike (long distance hikes that can take months, even up to years to complete). I LOVE my solitude. I try to stay away from television and social media, so much fear mongering and propoganda. I also enjoy spending time with close friends and family. I am very goal-oriented person. I have had only one experience with DMT, which was roughly almost 2 years ago. I did it with a friend and a "shaman". Smoking DMT "unlocked" something inside of me. It opened up a part of me that I never knew existed. The experience I had with DMT was life changing and thought provoking. While on DMT, I felt one with the whole earth and went into hyperspace. The main message I received from that trip was "love" and "do unto others as you wish for yourself". Because of my living situation, I currently can not make my own DMT. Hopefully, by next year I am able to. If anyone has questions, feel free to ask. Even if someone would like to talk, I am an open person and I enjoy a nice conversation.


Welcome to the nexus friend

Great to have you join the community. When the time is right for you to do an extraction all the information you need is right here.
If you do a lot of hiking, get you a field guide to hunt mushrooms in the mean time, they can be great teachers as well.

Welcome again :)

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