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Introduction Essay

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Hello everyone!

To start, I will tell you all a little bit about myself and why I came across this page. I am a student at a University and am a member of a sorority. Sorority and fraternity life was a blast the first year or so, but I'm at the point where I truly think there is more to life than partying, small talk, and materialistic consumerism. I recently went through a hard breakup, which lead to more partying, more small talk, and more surface level ideals. I did all this to fill the void in my life and to be happy again. I realized that you cannot fill the void by getting happiness from the world that we live in. You have to truly go inside yourself to get there- and that is really my only goal. I recently watched the DMT documentary on Netflix and that is when I came across this page. I, myself, have never tried DMT or shrooms or any psychedelic for that matter. My parents have always been very spiritual. They chant and meditate and go within themselves to find happiness. Growing up with them as role models, I know there is more out there, but I am having trouble finding it. I have tried meditating, but am not very good at it (I'm not giving up on meditation, though, and will master it eventually with more practice).

I honestly don't know if I will ever try DMT, only because of fear. I know it is safe, but I am scared of what I will find. I am planning on taking shrooms next week for the first time and would love input from you guys! I am here to become more educated on the matter and do excessive amounts of research to eventually, I guess, become enlightened. That being said, I am only a sophomore in college, so I do have time to mature and maybe someday I will try DMT. I love reading about all your experiences and knowledge, because it reassures me that there is more to life. I guess happiness is the end goal, but I hope as I am trying to get there, I learn more about myself and whatever we are here for.

Thank you for reading!
Welcome to the Nexus. This is a great place. You can learn a lot here.

If you'd like my input for someone planning to do mushrooms for the first time, I'll give it to you.
Research set and setting, and use what you learn.
Read trip reports. Learn as much as you can about mushrooms. There are lots of youtube videos, like that "how to..." guy. even though he's a bit... I dunno... but he has some good information. There are many others.

Learn about setting an intention, and set an intention, even if it's just to explore and have fun.

Also: Set and setting. I suggest a private place where nobody will bother you or surprise you. One or two very trusted friends max. Don't try to watch a movie. If you want to see something cool, look at your hand or close your eyes. Phones off. Have a sitter if you even slightly feel like you should. Someone you trust, who has experience and is willing to sit in a nearby room and not bug you, but be available in case you need some reassurance.

No other drugs. Especially weed. It can take a trip to wonderful places, but it can also turn a trip into a nightmare. you want to know what mushrooms are like. Not weed + mushrooms or alcohol + mushrooms. Or LSD + mushrooms. You can try that stuff later. Go in sober. I like to start early in the day, when I have no responsibilities for at least 18 hours.

Set and setting is important. Did I mention that?

Crystalized ginger is your friend. I preload with it. I eat a bunch before I dose and keep some around for nausea during the trip.

If you really want to get something out of the trip, make part of it eyes closed in a dark room.

Instrumental music. You don't need lyrics taking you down unexpected paths your first time. Classical and electronic music sounds AWESOME!

Dosage: IMO too little can be just as bad as too much. For me, too low a dose means a 4 hour anxiety attack. I've heard too many times: "Can my 4 friends and I split an eighth and still trip?" Don't do it. Spend the extra money. you might see god... or something. It's worth it. don't cheap out.
2.5-3.5g of cubensis, which is what you will probably be getting if you are in the U.S., is a common sweet spot. Maybe start with 2.5g. 3.5 if you are in a really safe and comfortable place with a trusted friend and want to go far, but.... probably safer to go 2.5 since it's your first time.

Also: Set and setting :)

Have fun. Be safe.
Welcome welcome welcome. I'm very excited for you. I just ate some mushrooms yesterday myself.

I'd like to give advice if I may. 1st, yes yes yes to set, setting, and intention can make or break your trip. Set up your room or whatever safe space you choose with healthy snacks, soft lighting, candles, incense, beverages, etc. Plan a short route to walk outside in case you feel the need to get out.

Plan out in your mind what you would like to get out of your trip.

As for entertainment, a movie is good if it will be somethimg to completely capture you. My first time was Avatar in 3d for the first part. I agree to avoiding music with excessive vocals. I listen to a ton of shpongle. Entheogenic, Ott, and Tipper are good psychedelic choices as well.

And definitely meditate! I have a feeling it'll be easier and wonderful for you. I myself, lately, have been having therapeutic intentions, for mental and emotional healing.

I personally find marijuana settling when I trip mushrooms, but that's just me. I've never met anyone who had a hard time "mixing" marijuana with mushrooms, but I don't deny it can happen.

As for dosage, I ate 7 grams my first time... it was absolutely life changing and wonderful for me, but I would never recommend that to anyone else. Definitely a wreckless call on my part and the person who introduced me. I don't regret it, but safety first.

Make sure to get some ginger and maybe even ginger ale in case your tummy feels funny. To be candid, I throw up each time I eat mushrooms, so marijuana and ginger help there. When it does happen, I just let it run it's course, release my negative connotation to it, and embrace it, because beauty always comes thereafter.

I hope that your experience is beautiful and glorious and life changing.
Welcome again and one love
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