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Introduction Essay

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Hey there!

Introducing myself here.

DMT Nexus was brought to my attention by the Psychedsubstance YT channel more than a year ago. I have been researching psychedelics for around 2 years now, although I did have a brief romance with shrooms when I was 18 that was ended very quickly by a scary trip caused by a bad choice of tripping location.

So now I'm back, a bit older (27) and wiser. Certainly more cautious. But also more calculated, introspective and truly looking to take something out of every experience. Huge fan of the McKennas stuff and Joe Rogan's podcasts. Also liked Jim Fadiman's podcast episode with Tim Ferriss.

My interest in psychedelics was re-awakened after an MDMA experience. I started researching again and stumbled upon 1P-LSD. I've had a few fantastic experiences on that drug. I also tried 2CB and 4-aco-dmt (in small doses). I've seen some great antidepressant results with microdosing 4-aco-dmt once a month or so and ketamine also seems to put me in a great state of mind that lasts a few weeks.

My most extreme experience was last summer's ayahuasca ceremony. I'm lucky to live in a country where those are semi-legal, so there are quality well-run centres where you can attend ceremonies. During the ceremony I received a humungous cosmic b*tch-slap that shook me to my core. One year later and my life is very different.

Here are some of the benefits:
- I am no longer depressed (was mildly depressed and burned out).
- I have gone from 0 body movement to 4 - 6 sports sessions a week. I'm now about 5 (lean) kg's heavier.
- I have gotten rid of horrible back pain (through exercise).
- I have more friends.
- I quit doing work that I hate and started my own business.
- I am a lot less quick to judge people, which is a huge weight off my shoulders (took a lot of practice though).

Obviously I'm very grateful! What I find interesting is that ayahuasca didn't solve any of my problems. It just showed me a vision of my deathbed where I could see what would be my legacy if I were to carry on the way I was. It scared me shitless and has motivated me to work hard and make big changes in my behaviour.

I still have a lot of work to do, especially on the subject of relationships. But that's all part of the fun I guess..

I'm very glad that I've taken a whole year to let all the lessons I learned during my first ayahuasca experience sink in before going back there. I still think about that experience multiple times a day every day. It's crazy to think that over the course of a few hours my entire view of the world made was shifted.

This September I've booked an ayahuasca weekend (2 ceremonies this time) set in nature. This time my wife will be attending. My hope is that this will help our relationship. I have found this past year (the first year of our marriage) very challenging. I've been frustrated at not being able to share my new world view and insights with her.

I've done my best not to 'sell' ayahuasca to her and make sure that she is 100% behind the decision to do it herself. Because I suppose only then will she get the most out of it. I'm a little nervous about it, because I'm not sure how she'll react. She's not the kind of person to do extensive research herself, so she has relied a lot on the info I've given her. I've tried to be unbiased and give her a full picture. Of course I'm also very grateful that she has been so open-minded.

**I'd love to hear stories about ayahuasca influencing your relationships for the better / worse**

Besides all this I'm very intrigued with the idea of extracting my own DMT, which ended up bringing me here. I'm one of those people who, when they get into a subject, they go all the way. So, while I'm currently just curious, I'll probably end up attempting an extraction after properly educating myself on the subject.

I look forward to exchanging information / experiences / whatever with you all.

Best regards,
Welcome to the Nexus!

Psychedelics are a beautiful thing to share with someone you love, and is something unlike anything I could ever describe properly. I think it is fantastic that the two of you are going to experience something so powerful and potentially life changing together. Whether your goals are met or not, it will be quite the adventure!

Introducing someone to psychedelics can be a bit unnerving, but doing anything new is strange and awkward at first. I suppose I should mention that I've never been to an Ayahuasca retreat personally, but I have brewed and consumed it at home with my significant other on several occasions. Our bond has grown stronger over the years, for various reasons, but there is something about psychedelics and the way they break down emotional/mental barriers that allows us to connect on a seemingly much different level. Sort of like being tuned into each other's frequency perfectly for a few hours, if that makes any sense. These days, I rarely trip alone, and I wouldn't want it any other way. Solo journeys are great for introspection, but I'd much rather sing, dance, paint and laugh a lot with her instead!

While there are many potential positives, it should also be noted that these powerful substances can shake the foundation of any relationship too. You definitely learn a lot about someone when you trip with them, be it good, bad, or ugly! These realizations can be startling!

All in all, if she wants to do it, and understands what she is getting into, then I see no reason why she shouldn't. The most important factors are always set and setting! You'll be at a retreat with professionals so hopefully you won't run into any issues there.

Anyway, I wish you guys the best and hopefully everything goes as planned! Have a good one!
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