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I just noticed this section in the nursery, and I've already posted 11 times in sections I shouldn't have been able to if I understand the system correctly...so does that mean I was promoted to full membership unknowingly???? :surprised

That aside, I came across this forum while looking for a solution to the problem SWIM was having with an old-school spice extraction tek SWIM found on Erowid. SWIM found the answers, and was blown away by all of the info on this site, and how tightly knit this community is!
I've been reading this site daily, and I feel extremely grateful and lucky to have found it. I hope to contribute to this culture of awesome people through posting Art, and posting my experiences. SWIM has his maiden Spice voyage scheduled for Friday morning! He will definitely let everyone know how it goes...He's wondering if he should make some Salvia Changa or just do the spice by itself?

I've already said a lot in my other posts about myself, and I wrote an in-depth Salvia experience. I also posted pics of my plants so feel free to check my other posts out if curious. THanks!
I'll tell them you said that.:) It won't be too long before they are large enough to share a piece of their mind with me. May Light shine on your third eye as well!
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