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Hello hello, I have never done DMT but have been extremely interested in the psychedelic realm for quite some time now. I have tried mushrooms on two different occasions. It was rather jarring to find just how much the human consciousness can expand. I want to learn how to use these glorious chemical s as a tool. It saddens me to see how much thei power is disregarded when these 'tools' are used in ignorance. I honestly just want to know all I can about this field, and it appears I have arrived in the right place. I look forward to becoming a part of this knowledgeable community.
Thanks. 😁
That's the best thing about mushrooms my friend, the very fact that for those that are not ready they have defenses, nausea and stomach upsets and then pretty colors to distract the mind, while the base principles of life are updated in the brain, then with every subsequent dosage the mushrooms continue their work opening the human mind to the possibility of a vaster state of consciousness.
I adore mushrooms, especially psilo sub's the wood loving body wreckers :)
I use them now every few months and every now and then for a few weeks microdosing if I want to get something done to help train my brain to do new things or break habits or make new ones, they are great if you find the dose that works for you and you set it up right.
They can be great fun for bush doofs too though but as a med for 'mental disorders' I find them the best thing for the job.
I do not condone other people attempt this unless they have done the research and know the potential side affects but it works for me.
Welcome aboard,

dont worry about it that you havent taken DMT yet. I only used it recently too. But what counts is the interest. If mushrooms worked for you then you can be sure that with mental preparation you can achieve the best and most colorful DMT trips!
We are always here so if you cant find an awnser already written out on the nexus dont be afraid to ask in the forum or in chat. 😁
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