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hi everyone pretty new here found you by looking for some tek and was overwhelmed by all the great informations and overall positivity of this forum.

So about me (I think that's what I'm suposed to do for the intro post) I'm a beginner psychedelic user but I am fascinated by them and the science around it. I have used mostly lsd analogue and shrooms analogue, thanks to canada having pretty loose law getting analogues is easy and their is so much of them. I love trying them and reporting on the subtilities between them.

I also love to work on myself and I think psychedelic helps a lot to reflect on your life.

So this is pretty much it let me know if it's not what I'm supposed to say in my intro post haha. I'm glad to be part of this community and eager to contribute with my own experience.

PS: sorry for the english my first language is french
Welcome! Glad you found the Nexus. I have never had any experience with analogues of LSD or analogues of mushrooms. In you experience, what were the similarities and differences when compared to the real thing? Thanks in advance!
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