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Hello everyone, long time lurker here finally breaking through. I noticed on another thread lsDxMdmaddicThc was asking about ipecac. Hedera helix grows in my friends front yard, and is also known as English ivy. I got curious seeing this vine as my main interest is in convolvulaceae alkaloids, and to my surprise its major constituent is an alkaloid called emetine. Emetine is best known to be the major constituent of ipecac root. I feel like these things are good to know when you may be in a pinch and someone needs to vomit. Any who just thought id give my two cents where I could. Cheers to all and happy navigating!
Emetine? In Hedera helix? Where on earth did you find out this?

OK, I see now:

According to Wichtl (2004) the most important constituents of the plant are:
−About 2.5-6% mostly bidesmosidic triterpene saponins with hederagenin, oleanolic acid and bayogenin (= 2ß-hydroxyhederagenin) as aglycones and acylglycosidic sugar chains at C-28 of the carboxyl group

−Small amounts of monodesmosides such as α-hederin and hederagenin-3-O-ß-D-glucoside, which can develop during the drying process from the bisdesmoside in the fresh leaves by hydrolytic cleavage of the sugar chain at C-28

−The main saponin is the hederasaponin C (hederacoside C) with other hederasaponins (B, D, E, F, G, H and I) present as well. Hederasaponin A, described in an earlier publication could no longer be found in subsequent studies. The content ratios of the hederasaponins (C : B : D : E : F : G : H : I) are about 1000 : 70 : 45 : 10 : 40 : 15 : 6 : 5

−Flavonoids such as quercetin and kaempferol including their 3-O-rutinosides and 3-O-glucosides (= isoquercitrin and astragalin)

−Caffeic acid derivates and other phenolics such as caffeic acid and dihydroxy-benzoic acid

−Coumarin glycoside scopolin and the polyacetylenes falcarinone, falcarinol and 11, 12-dihydrofalcarinol

−Phytosterols as stigmasterol, sitosterol, cholesterol, campesterol, α-spinasterol

−The volatile oil (in the fresh leaves 0.1-0.3%) consists of methyl-ethyl ketone, methylisobutyl ketone, trans-hexanal, germacrene D, ß-caryophyllene, sabinene, α- and ß-pinene


−Free amino acids

The occurrence of the alkaloid emetine could not be confirmed in recent studies (Czygan, 1990). From four varieties grown in Egypt the alkaloid emetine was isolated (Mahran et al., 1975). Convincing studies are missing (HagerROM, 2006)

Here, for example.

DO NOT use Ivy hoping it will substitute for Ipecac. It won't.
😁 its funny cuz that references the same journal i read.😁
It's not really an area of interest or I'd have stumbled further.

The isolation and characterisation of emetine alkaloid from Hedera helix.
Mahran GH, et al. Planta Med. 1975.
Mahran GH, Hilal SH, el-Alfy TS.
Planta Med. 1975 Mar;27(2):127-32.
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