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Is Salvinorin B psychoactive?

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If so, how would you describe it? Perhaps it has a special synergy with salvinorin A?

I have not been able to find information on the effects of Salvinorin B so far. There are a few species of sage with very high amounts in my country.
Salvinorin B is the deacetylated version of salvinorin A. The main reason why salvinorin A is not orally active is because it gets hydrolysed - deacetylated - in the stomach. One impact salvinorin B might have on the salvinorin A experience is by slowing the breakdown of salvinorin A through equilibrium effects.
Well, people on here were growing thyme-leaved sandwort as a prospective adjunct to Salvia divinorum for its carboxylesterase inhibition capabilities, and there's Twig Harper's Salvia syrup which contains, among other things, Nigella sativa oil with a view to enabling oral activity through a similar means - perhaps by improving absorption or bioavailability as well, I'd need to look at that more carefully.
I don't think so. The binding affinities are out there in the literature if you look (IIRC).

It would be easy to go from Sal B to Sal A if it wasn't for heroin. Unfortunate coincidence.
Here are photos I took during my nature walk today:

1) Salvia cryptantha - 50 micg/g Salvinorin A + 400 micg/g Salvinorin B

I actually know somebody who was traumatized from hallucinations from drinking an excessive amount of the tea.

2) Salvia verticillata. This is actually a close relative of Salvia divinorum. 30 micg/g Salvinorin A + 20 micg/g Salvinorin B.

3) My beloved Wild Rue :)

Considering the active dose of Salvinorin A, both species of sage could possibly be practical to work with if utilized with full efficiency.

All biological information from Screening of Hallucinogenic Compounds and Genomic Characterisation of 40 Anatolian Salvia Species - PubMed


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dithyramb said:
Is there information on how much Salvinorin B is in S. divinorum?
Presumably in the various papers detailing the analyses that also led to the discovery of salvinorin A. Subsequent research papers detailing S. divinorum analyses will probably reference the original paper. The PubChem/PubMed entry for the original paper will list papers that reference it, through a "referenced by" button.
I had tried quidding S. cryptantha before without success.

Today I tried quidding S. verticillata for the first time. 5g dried leaves gave me the numbness in the head and jaws feeling of Salvia divinorum... İf a significant experience can be achieved, it probably would take around ten times this amount.

And speaking of numbness in the head... This year I discovered a different psychedelic sage species... Salvia verbenaca. This is very strange as it is a well known species used for medicinal and culinary purposes, but it consistently gives me a strong psychedelic effect, reminiscent of both S. divinorum and psilocybin mushrooms. I can tell it is not Salvinorin A, but has a pronounced "reset" effect similar to S. A. Apparently different salvia species with different psychedelic effects from different diterpenes are known to exist. I can describe the effect as a strong silencing of the mind similar to tropanes, enhanced connection to nature, colorful, playful, and sexual. I didn't feel like allying it so far because it seemed to lack structure and imprint an ambiguity to my awareness. But it provides a strong shamanic trance for sure. Mixing it with my Aya analogues made me feel the strongest spirit connection İ have felt in a long time... İt is water soluble...
dithyramb said:
Here are photos I took during my nature walk today:

1) Salvia cryptantha
Hi dithyramb
I'm interested in growing Salvia potentillifolia and cryptantha (now absconditiflora).
I see you are from turkey. Have you ever encountered potentillifolia around?
I leave some reference:
I am not aware of finding potentillifolia, it's a species I have been aware of so far.

Absconditiflora had become cryptantha, now it's absconditiflora again...

I believe there is a huge difference in potency between fresh and dry salvias... And thus my exploration will commence next Spring. Tinctures of freshly harvested salvias should be a great way to go.
dithyramb said:
I am not aware of finding potentillifolia, it's a species I have been aware of so far.
I'm having hard time to find these species, especially potentillifolia.
Do you know a vendor, maybe a local turkish one, that sell seeds online?
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