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IS the Mesh Vape Tech still the new gold standard?

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Good to see you @plumsmooth

There are a variety of options if you don't want to go the e-mesh route. Yes, your VG is still top tier, break that sucker on out.

Another option is the Divine Tribe V4 or V5 crucibles, that can be put onto any decent mod. I find it highly effective, making low doses take me pretty far. Very efficient.

One love
I love my Emesh setup. It's been knocking socks off users for the last 2 years. Best bang for your buck, super discreet compared to my original Glass Machine I use to use to blast off.

Rocking a dual 18650 Original GeekVape L200 mod in TC-SS mode, rocking a knock off Digi Mesh Pro RDA i acquired from wish. I ordered a couple of these knock offs. And they have served their purpose. Frequent maintenance/Cleaning helps prolong their life snd keeps them functioning properly

It never skips a Beat and is a guaranteed blast off with minimal crystal. Took me a bit to get the settings dialed in with my mesh of choice.

Was one of the best investments I have made for my DMT Game..... I've tried a few other Vapes such as the Yocan Evolve plus + and another dry Herb vape with poor results compared to this setup.



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This seems like a silly question but what is the optimum temperature the mesh should reach for how many seconds? Is a thermostat a good way to check if everything is working?
It will all depend on your setup.. Mod boxes and components will effecr how the machine will preform.

I'm running
1)Geek Vape L200 TC-SS
2)SS316L 200 Meshwire (Vandy Vape)
3)Digie Flavor mesh pro Knock Off & Extended 810 mouth peice

I followed Minty Loves videos off YouTube.and his discord channel. He used to be on Reddit but got banned. Believe he was a member here briefly as well, or many the other DMT guy I'm thinking about Adaptus 🤔?

Anyhow Minty Love has got a really good guide video of the whole idea from choosing components and mods to putting it together and settint it up.

Some people have trouble with tcss mode but can make them work in Fixed wattage mode as well i believe 13 watts is where people start out at. I haven't really played with fix mode as my TCss mode works perfect for my needs.

You kind-of have to put your chosen kit together and do some dry experimentations.
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