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Is this possible?

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I've never done an extract of DMT from MHRB to smoke. I have a few bottles of very clear mimosa, which I got by boiling the bark with ascorbic acid and letting it set then pouring off, leaving the crap at the bottom, then filtering many times through filter paper. It's very clear, with a light amber colour to it. So I'm just wondering that if I took enough of this, lightly boiled it down more and then inhaled it with a vaporizer, would this work? Or maybe if I dried it on say some loose green tea to enhance my receptability?
Seems nobody's sure, so I'm going to try it. I've filtered and dried down about 20g worth of powder. To my surprise, White peices accumulated which I think is DMT in salt form? So hopefully vaporizing it will work to some effect.
That's what seems apparent, but is there any way I could do that with any products one would have laying around their home? another curiousity I have, what ways could one actually use DMT in this state I have it in?

I'd really appreciate any help with this.
I have no idea how concentrated the stuff would be if you would dry it out. But i bet it would work sublingually, especially with calciumcarbonate or something.
I would base it with sodium carbonate and water, let it dry and just get some iso and pull it with that..iso is usally cheap and easy to get, and lots of people have some laying around in a medicine cabinet or something.. what you get when the iso evaporates you should be able to smoke..
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