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Is this spice?

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My buddy SWIM after a great start into the spice game cannot get off anymore. He's starting to think what he has is not spice even though it sure as hell should be. He extracted it and many ppl had the most amazing experience of their life. But now everytim he smokes its nothing happens except it is by far the most toxic thing he ever smoked. Pretty much immediately makes him puke...so toxic. Anyway last nite he tried to smoke it about 5 times. Thru many different pipes a base pipe, rose stem, and off foil. he never got any effect and everytime oil residue was left behind. In the 2 glass pipes after melting the spice a slight bit of vapor comes off then oil remains behind(kinda black) . the oil is very sticky and is kinda resistant to burn...absolutely toxic tasting. So thinking maybe it was his technique hittin the pipe he decided to burn it off of foil. NO luck again just toxic vapor. Even though this was white crystalike stuff what SWIm thot was pretty cleaned up he decided to do a recrystalization to make sure. He recrystalized 400 mg in bestine and honestly there was hardly any oil or crap pulled out. The shotglass wasnt even really sticky inside when done. After evaping he only picked the well defined crystals and smoked em. Honestly this was the harshest crap he ever smoked in his life w no effects. After about half burned away the remainder in the foil was oily and sticky but this time was clear not black and felt like like tree sap...what is this stuff. Will dmt turn sticky when melted, SWIM thinks this aint rite and since the absolute harshnes and toxicity of the smoke he 's really startin to wonder. So are these the properties of spice...SWIM knows its harsh but this is just toxic he gets the idea he's smokin lye of of foil and its reacting to make poison gas. Like i said it worked before but what he's asking is not how to smoke it unless u guys think hes burning it too hot and destroying it but if u guys melt a little bit of spice would it be sticky like sap like that?
If it feels and smells toxic or caustic and has no effect, don't smoke it! Pure spice is surprisingly soft on the lungs and shouldn't leave much residue.
Don't assume it is what it 'should be' - you never know what unknown influence has entered the process: some contamination in the solvent, oxidation, storage problems, who knows...
Don't poison yourself, listen to your body, it's very wise!
yah SWIM's body was tellin him not to smoke it...it was just wrong. c wen burning it on the foil 5o mg would melt pretty quik, the foil was folded 4 times thick an with the lighter about an inch away would quickly melt. however it would not burn without much heat like putting the flame directly under it thus emiting these toxic fumes. When put on a single layer of foil it would burn much faster this leads me to believe that whatever it is burns at a very hot temp. SPice SWIM thinks if melts easily it would very readily vaporize shortly after am i right? i mean there's only a 20 degree difference between melting point and boiling point right? SWIM thinks he may melt some lye on some foil an check the properties of that however he dont have any...this can be dangerous right aluminum and lye but the smell should tip it off? also he may try an a/b extract w a defat then maybe burn the oils to c if there are similarities. idk SWIM's just frustrated he knows its in there the good stuff but dont know what else he got 2.
swims spice melts instantly but vapors dont start right away, at least in a bubble. It takes a few more second. Altho Swim knows his spice isn't the purest... But it works just fine
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