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Is this supposed to happen?

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So about 300mg of yellow spice got put into about 12ml of heptane, It was left to sit at room temp for about 10 hr and there were some realy nice crystals forming. The heptane turned from clear to yellow as soon as the dmt was dissolved. So to speed up the proscess the heptane was put in the freezer over night,...but the yellow heptane turned clear again and it seems the yellow from it went right back into the crystals. im gonna do it again with only room temp and then decant it off because the last time i had what i thought were clear crystals i let the heptane evap, and the crystals were yellow again. So was what happened normal?

Yes, it is. The point of a recrystallisation is to use the fact that the oils come out of the solvent in lesser amounts than DMT. But of course, some will still migrate over. Let your slightly yellow crystals dissolve in a minimum amount of (maybe a little bit heated) heptane, and then freeze precipitate out of this. I promise you the crystals will be cleaner.
Also, when you get them out of the freezer, try to pour away most of the solvent. Then turn the jar upside down (with lid on), and put it back into the freezer. All this to try and remove as much heptane as possible, before you take it out (let it warm to room temperature before you remove the lid!) and let it dry. This will minimize contamination as well as oxidization.
West-en youve become my savior on this site, thank you for responding to this and the other post! Im using a shotglass with plastic wrap for a lid, is that good enough for the freezer? and will my crystals be clearer the more i do this? so maybe do this 5 times and they'll finally be clear? and is there really that big a difference between yellow and clear in SWIY opinion?
I'm glad I can help! :)
Yes, plastic wrap over a cylindrical jar is totally fine, if you have any I suggest you secure it with a rubber band. Actually, you're not supposed to have to do five recrystallizations to get pure spice. After two I generally have some extremely pure and white crystals. Just try to do them both with care and you should get it too!

It depends on what it contains (if it differ). If the yellow stuff is oils and impurities from the solution you pull from, then it should be a little less potent, harder to handle and a bit nastier to vaporise.
If the origin of the colour on the other hand is the amine oxide (DMT N-Oxide), then the effects are a bit different but not the potency (as much). N-Oxide in it self is psychoactive and considered by many as a more gentle, guided and slowed down version of DMT (at least if it's only present in small amounts). It is actually prefered by many to have a little yellow crystals if this is the case, so try vaporising it.

I prefer to make really pure crystals, and then oxidize these to my favourite amount of light yellow tan. That way I know that the crystals are impure with the N-Oxide and not oils, I have control over the amount and I can have the option enjoy pure white (if I only oxidize parts of it) if I want to!
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