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It's great to be here!

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Hello everyone!

I created my account here just yesterday, following my fist DMT trip and feeling an irresistable desire to tell someone about it! So I made an account and posted my first trip report. I'd previously lurked around for a while reading threads and learning more about this amazing molocule and the impact it has on people's lives.

Here's a little about me by way of introduction. I've been using psychedelics irregularly for about 20-25 years. I certainly tripped much more frequently in my younger days than I do now, but recently I've upping the frequency of my journeys (although still only once every 6 weeks or so). I used to use LSD quite a lot, but these days I favour mushrooms over LSD.

One of my main interests is thinking about metaphysics, and I'm particularly drawn to Eastern ideas such as Advaita Vedanta and Zen, alsongside western philosophers like Plato and the neo-Platonists, also Schopenhauer. I see psychedelics as tools to bring about experiences that may offer insight into some of these areas of thought. Possibly in common with many of you here, listening to Terrance McKenna has kind of re-awoken my interest in psychedelics as a tool for generating ideas and fetching things back from 'out there'.

At the time of writing I have just one DMT trip under my belt, and I'm still trying to decide what on earth to make of it! Whereas I have always been happy to file my psychedlic experiences under 'the mind can do weird things', the sheer intensity of the DMT trip represented a significant and seismic change in my thinking....I'm still not sure how I can compartmentalise this, but it's certainly incredibly interesting to think about! Much of my reading on the subject had familiarised me with the concept of 'DMT entities' and suchlike, but reading about that is one thing, whereas experiencing it is quite another! This really has started me off thinking about reality in a different way.

So, I'm really not sure where this journey is going to take me, but I am heartened to read many posts on this forum where people seem to asking the same questions - so I'm glad its not just me! There seems to be a very nice community of interesting and interested people here, and I'm very grateful for all of you and grateful to be a part of it.

With love.
Welcome :)

Definitely enjoyed your trip writeup

Advaita Vedanta's powerful, the whole of it. Great reading, always seemingly relevant to life in many of the things described in all the various texts, not to mention how it carries many similarities to some of the things felt/experienced during a strong tryptamine experience imo [or really any peak-type psychedelic experience].

Yeah, you're definitely not alone, the experience as a whole eludes description imo, the thing in and of itself doesn't fall within the netting of rationale and compartmentalization. Any ideals or thoughts on the matter prior-to typically are subsumed almost immediately with a good dose administered decently well [as you found out :d ].

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