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Ive been Humbled!

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Alright to start out today has been a very trying day! A pet of mine has as issue that although is not life threatening in the least will affect his mobility for the rest of his days. That is being taken care of tomorrow. But onto the real story.

Ever since I've discovered presence I've developed a hyper sensitivity to emotion..What you are about to hear is one of the most profound things I have experienced and it doesn't involve the use of any drug. I just wish I had a gift for words like a few of the posters here.

I was sitting on my couch and all of a sudden a wave of emotion just hit me. I didn't question it's reason I just felt it. I let it pour over me like the rain. I closed my eyes and just felt it in all its glory. I was sobbing that uncontrollable type of sob, this continued for around 15 minutes.

At which time I stood up and immediately knew I must meditate. I grabbed my ipod and headphones and went into my room. I sat as close to buddha-esc as I can turned on my favorite binaural beat set to repeat, closed my eyes and focused on my breathing. At some point I slipped into a trance like state. I could feel everything as if my nerve endings stretched the cosmos.No thought just feel. I felt it all around me. Then with closed eyes I saw something beam like which felt like it was hitting me in heart. An emotion type of wave washed over me, a feeling I can't really describe but the best I can do is to say it was euphoric.

After the biaural beat ended for the inconsequential time, I opened my eyes turned off my ipod and just sat there. I put my hand to my forehead in a stroking manner. I then just blurted out what are you doing and in my head thought processes were being explored. With my inner voice I began a monologue, I said you think you walk some sort of noble path.... There is no noble path! There is only THE PATH... A got up went back to my living room and got on here to share..

I've never thought of myself as having an elitest type mindset have tried to do whats right and help people when they need it. Deep down though I think I do harbor some sense of nobility. Hopefully this incite will just allow me to walk the path that I am suppose to..

Thanks for reading glad I could share that!
Thanks for sharing, it was interesting to read! :) There's much to find when one allow oneself to go with the flow. Don't resist any emotions or mind sets that wash over you for one reason or another. Allow them to pour down on you like the rain, and you will experience much more like what you just wrote about. Thanks again, and good luck on whatever path your path is!
I find sobriety a useful tool sometimes, where you get to experience human emotions or feelings, that are down to earth and real, yet are very powerful. That's great you could experience something like that. Ive felt strong sensations of tingling going up my spine, my brain going numb, tears coming to my eyes, when in a deep thought or situation getting a sense of pain, suffering, joy, compassion, or awe that I can not even comprehend at the time.
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