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July SHE 23rd


Rising Star
there is a few dates on this page that interest me.
these dates are from july to the end of august, i will post a couple august dates soon, they sound very ideal.
there are a few dates in July that i think would be good SHE candidates
this is the first.

link at the bottom

Also SUN INTO LEO 4.11pm NZ AUST EST 2.11pm GMT/UT 4.11am
A Dimensional Doorway is an opening for the higher dimensions to be accessed more easily for humanity, but its only possible when the Earth herself and enough on her, (we are the Earth), have made that shift at a soul level, filtering into the physical plane. This happened fully at the Solar Cross 11th August 1999 where 80% of humanity chose to open their hearts and be at peace, creating in harmony. After that time it’s been a huge exhilaration and we have lightened up enough to be open to our multi-dimensional body of light, in the matrix of light as we see our life as a dream and have no attachments.
The dimensional doorway opening is this time is in your Emotional Body, this is where we hold all our unresolved emotions that keep hooking us up to the lower astral plane and where moist of humanity is controlled from; through our own emotional garbage, and if very unresolved we live in the world of victim and victimiser and experience ups and downs as a constant and a lot of emotional instability and difficulties in life and where the lower astral lords have a good old feed.
On October 1st 2010 the dimensional doorway opening was working with the Etheric Blueprint which is the codings of all you are and have experienced through all worlds and dimensions. This is where we hold the unresolved, old duality memories that affect how our health and body are, as well as running on the same old fears and programs.
On the March Equinox 2010 as the dimensions merged through us the dimensional doorway opened for our third dimensional bodies.
One would assume it would work down from the higher lighter bodies to the physical body but because we are already multi-dimensional beings and just need to awaken to the fact not only intellectually but cellularly as well, the shift happened for us in our physical body first and as our higher bodies are opened up it makes it easier to integrate with our physical body.
So the opportunity is now here for us to cleanse and transmute your Emotional Body so you can awaken more fully your Divine Blueprint and open up the matrix of light into the unified self, for some that will be the seventh dimension.
On this day be honest with yourself and look at the emotions that still control you, wether it be anger and rage, guilt, jealousy and possessiveness, unworthiness and non acceptance, judgement or condemnation. Look at your fears and notice where you feel them within in you. To transmute these emotions and whatever others you know you are still expressing and feeling is not difficult. You can clear your anger by visualising yourself as an exploding volcano and love and accept the other emotions using deep breathing. See this link for full details.
Once you have loved and embraced these emotional fragments into wholeness within your being, then working with your DNA and Light Body as you activate the light pathways in the matrix of Light through your beginning and the Crystalline Matrix of Light within the Earth.
The dimensional shifts are happening in spiralling vortexes and light that move from Heaven to Earth and Earth to Heaven. The Earth and all on her are opening up multi-dimensionally as the higher dimensions awaken in us and ground and anchor through our bodies and Earth. Just as the spiralling vortexes of serpent life force energy spiral clockwise and anti-clockwise from the lower vibrations to the higher and higher to lower. As we merge into one, becoming our multi-dimensional self, embodied in our physical body. Living in a higher vibrational Earth that resonates with our level of consciousness that pulses from the Galactic Centre and gives movement in stillness and unlimited possibilities.
Please see Light Code Activations book for work activating your DNA and Light Body and Chakras. In the Diamond Light Illumination workbook is the DNA integration of all our bodies which assists you multi-dimensional awakening through your Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Bodies, as well as illuminating your RNA and awakening the light codes within or your Diamond Light Body.
A 5th dimensional shift happened on the Solstice, Solar Eclipse, Galactic Centre line up 21st June 2001. At the time through the shift within myself I observed its reflection on the outer world by meeting many more unified people, and I let go of my 3D ways of operating that were still in duality, as it all became too hard for me, as 3D is. Anything that was difficult on 3D was let go of, to be in the higher dimensions creating Heaven on Earth means one cannot still be caught in the old paradigm of fear and control dramas, it means being clear; through letting go, trusting and surrendering. Then on the March Equinox 2006 the Sixth Dimensional frequencies of the Light Matrix opened to us and I was made aware of the Earthsun body and how important it is to now connect with the Inner Earth Sun and merge with the Galactic Center within. You may remember profound shifts yourself and in the March Equinox 2009 we had the Higher dimensional Earth anchoring in the 5th dimensions which is easily accessed now by so many with open hearts and peace within.
The Fifth Dimensional self is at the level of the Inner/Higher Self, in the world but not of it, the Fifth Dimensional Earth is the creation of Heaven on Earth that is already here for those vibrating at that frequency. This means that even though you are in a physical body; doing all the physical things, for example if a great storm happens in your area you will not get affected, as it is only a cleanse for the lower dimensions that need it physically to make the shift. By the time one is Fifth Dimensional they are coming from their inner wisdom and knowing, acceptance, allowing, compassion and love. With the shift of the Sixth Dimensional frequencies the illusions have broken down further, and all ways of operating are now through trust, there is no fear or anxiety about being in the physical plane, about survival, or relationships and there are no more mirrors, we are one with everyone and thing. There is now self-less service, and all ones life is now from the Greater Reality, bigger picture and for the whole. This is a state of Christ/Buddha consciousness and in the new paradigm it is for all who chose, no longer a few holding it for everyone else, now the few has become many and the all that is.
This doorway has now been opened because so many have done the work on the earth plane to illuminate themselves to the level of their Christ/Divine Self, and everyday are becoming it more in their day to day life. This is an important shift for all humanity, as we do the shift in a body on Earth. This doorway started to anchor on the physical plane and through our physical body on 1st April 2005, it is now re-calibrating and the energies opening us up to our higher dimensional selves more fully.
At the March Equinox 2010 the dimensional worlds merged and our light bodies that are vibrating in the New Earth as now here, the Diamond Light Body, Iridescent Light Body and Light Streams of creation that we can access in the matrix of light through all the kingdoms; elemental, crystal, plant and animal kingdoms in oneness as we awaken even more fully to our at onement with all life..
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY; 7 (connection with source, mystical attunement, sacred) BLUE (West - energise, transforms) HEARTH - AKBAL (stillness, inner-self, dreamtime, serenity

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