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July SHE 29th/30th

I am in also....

This is the exact type of experience I have always sought, now especially, within Nexus....
I am so glad to have joined the nexus crew a month ago.... Just in time

Thanks for the great times ahead....already

Dear Trav
If we ever did want to fully synchronise down to the second... it would be relatively easy...
We all globally share the same minutes within our time zones (even if the hours are spread out around the planet)
If we were to use google earth as a time base (in default scale with the shaded aspect tuned on) , we could easily decide to smoak similtaneously by waiting for sunset to occur anywhere "say Sunset in Byron Bay Australia".
We could be very precise if we were to interlace that with a standardised minute countdown from our computers clocks (which are synchronised by the time servers used). Eg Sunset byron bay at 33 minutes past the hour.
This type of synchronicity technique would also suit the wave method, as we could launch many times a days from the perspectives of the various major location.... Oz, Europe, USA etc.
All we would need to do is mention (pm/forum) the date and a specific location to work from....
Over time we could travel the whole world changing the place as take-off/launch points. Eventually we could launch from all our crews favorite places....

I look forward to this coming present,
I love the idea so much..... I called myself synchroneyes so I could see it actually happen.
And it is....lol

Thanks for all the inspiration...
Hey Frac7
great info.... I speak astro too
I'm a Scorpio 9˚ with moon in Leo @ 10˚ and Taurus conjunct Saturn Rising opposing my sun !!!!!! So fixed eh?
Sound like I will be in for a healing....lol
I am to a point where I cannot realistically commit to any kind of hit or dosing at a specific time/day. But, if all goes well, I hope to participate psychedelically in this SHE too. I'll be in the chat - surprise! Looking forward to it. My mini dissociative binge is temporarily over (too old to maintain such behaviors or something - it's quite exhausting) but I might be able to take a day for LSD this weekend. No current call from DMT but if that changes, I'll ride that wave with you all too.
I am so excited for the big SHE. I have participated before in such events, but this time I feel so much more energy behind the scenes. I totally understand the whole wave concept, but to me the more people in that space at the same time the better. Especially when all these people are conscious to the fact that numerous others are on the same wave length.

So anyone else feel this intense energy behind this one?????And I mean more so than usual, or perhaps its just me..........:roll:

Maybe it is the Royal decree I put forth..........8)

Maybe it is the month off of the sacraments..........:?:

Maybe it is the beginning of a new and accelerated stage of intense consioucness expansion, readying this world for the massive shift soon to come............😉

Whatever it is, I aint missing it, will be there with my balls deep.......ummmmm or is that balls to the wall..........ummm no I think it is terrapin balls!!!!!! :lol:
I feel that intense energy, it pours over me in waves.

Building, falling and building again.
what time tonite so ? I'll be in, by the mean of pharmahuasca.
Rue harmalas, n,n dmt and maybe a pinch of 5meo dmt.
rOm said:
what time tonite so ? I'll be in, by the mean of pharmahuasca.
Rue harmalas, n,n dmt and maybe a pinch of 5meo dmt.

Right now!

I just saw the biggest meteor! It shot across the horizon at around a 30 degree angle. It was BIG!

See you there!
Happy travels! :)
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