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Jungle freaks me out.

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Swim had some nice jungle/spice from jorkests tek and at first as is it was the best spice swim had ever smoked.
It was stored in a little glass vial at room temp and over a few weeks it changed from yellow to almost orange.
on smoking it after the color change it was different - it was darker and it always felt like swim was trespassing, like swim shouldnt be there.
This time was the third time swims smoked such spice.
First a calmer for pre launch jitters was vaped - 6mg.
The experience was sort of slow and dreamy with not too clear but distinct visuals of all sorts of things. Nothing too exciting but swim was deffinately ready for more so 12mg was loaded into the pipe and vaped.
As swim sat back he immediately felt it strongly and exhaled - the same jimjam was seen as last time and swim thought of a previous experience that had shaken him.
Swim felt as if he might encounter another negative entity so he opened his eyes - he was shocked to see that everything had taken on that manga cgi appearance again and swim felt out of place - like he shouldnt be there. Everything was almost like smooth plastic - everything with the same amount and color lighting - swim felt 100% normal in all ways - like tottaly sober, he blinked his eyes and everytime it was just more solid.
swim closed his eyes but couldnt bare to keep em closed for long - this time on opening it was as if swim was a giant - everything was huge - swim felt 1km tall.
at this point swim felt worried and decided to walk around and try chillout - try come back - slowly he did allthough it really felt as if he never would.
A fairly freaky experience i recon, visuals are 1 thing, being elsewhere is another but this reality changing - like shifting to another reality very simmilar to our own ???
Swim tried to be comfortable and just enjoy what he was experiencing but the feeling of trespassing was very bothersome and it felt as if swim was going to stay like that even tho he knew the duration and that it would fade - just didnt feel like it at the time.

Swim has now just finished cleaning his spice of jungle via a naptha freeze precipitation - hopefully swim will get some heptane soon :D
whoa dude that is crazy...SWIM's jimjam doesnt last long enough to turn orange..SWIM will experiment with it and see what happens...awesome find though!!
yeah - i got some pix il upload showing the color difference clearly.
it seems it took 2-3 weeks for the change to be complete.
there is something odd with this jungle - it deffinately has some kinda other oxide like form.
fresh jungle vs old jungle is 100% different.
With old jungle it seems to have its own breakthru level - much less than spice by weight.
"oxidised jungle" seems to be the most direct connection to the plant spirit.
this post - red vs. white - DMT Experiences - Welcome to the DMT-Nexus - red vs white brought a lot about jungle to light.

The Most intense "Experience" of my life - severly intense - please read this. - DMT Experiences - Welcome to the DMT-Nexus - my first major jungle exp with the disturbing female entity(with a male entity there too)
My return to Hyperspace. - DMT Experiences - Welcome to the DMT-Nexus - post #13 my second - this time i only encountered the female entity - the male left in the beginning.
then this - no entity.

looks like you need a preddy damn good reason to visit the mimosa tree spirit.
oh 1 other thing - iv had 2 friends confirm this oxidised jungle dosage thing 6mg is very nice - 8mg and up is where the "im not supposed to be here" feeling kicks in - also these ppl did not relate the experience to one another before hand - it was mentioned afterwards.
one said - i felt like i had been gripped by my core by something powerfull - i felt like i wasnt supposed to be there.
This is interesting. I believe I may need to try the jungle spice. All of the spice I smoke is pretty pure. I usually smoke all of my white xstals and give away a lot of my yellow. Maybe my next extraction will be with jorkest's tek as I find this quite intriguing.
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