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*JUREMA* always the "good one" ?

Migrated topic.

Yes so for products of your lovely nature plant X and plant Y don't directly need to be the same, when they grow at different places / different heights / different grounds. I guess this is also something which is pretty much discussed by people when talking about shroomies etc.

So I guess you know what I'm refering to and now there is this 1 question for me:

All people say that the original BRAZIL Mimosa Hostilis is the best one. I think it's from around the region "Jurema" and therefore it is often called the Jurema-bark.

So I really wonder if all jurema-labelled bark is always the best one with the highest quality.

I mean: let's say that it is 100% trustworthy that it is the Jurema-Bark indeed. Can you be 10000%ly sure, that this bark will have a good yield?

Of course we do not count factors like
- bark has already decomposed
- bark is from an ill tree (haha)
- bark has degraded because of too much oxygen

Only referring to: Will a random, standard Jurema will always be one of the ones which you would ever favorise ?
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