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professional worrier
hello everyone, I'm just another human trying to keep up the pace on the treadmill of life like everyone else, I might have some pretty bad anxiety that keeps me from running when i need to, because I'm afraid to slip and fall. I have been a lurker on this forum for years as my interest in psychedelics has peaked and after successfully growing some cubensis about a year ago I have decided to grab all the stuff for an acrb extraction, I was wanting to start some type of journal thing of the different teks i'm going to attempt but I know I don't really need to add anything to the forum if i'm not doing much different .

I'm really stressed about life right now and am looking for a refresh , a little motivation to do what I want . a new an better look at life, maybe some answers or more questions , I don't know sorry this is a bit thrown around i'm a little brain-dead from the questionnaire hahah

I realize this doesn't have a topic I just wanted to get past my stupid fear of whatever-posting, rejection, embarrassment or whaaatever. Thanks for reading nexians!
oh and another reason i made an account finally is because i want to be able to help other with anything i can , because ima safety freak.
Hi John,

Thanks for posting! I'm an introvert myself, and understand the fear of posting (saying the wrong thing/rejection/etc), and it's cool you made the leap.

Welcome to the Nexus!
Hey John, welcome to the Nexus!

I could fill a book with all the posts I started to write and then deleted or edited dramatically, so I understand your stress there. But most of the people around here are pretty friendly and will engage you in a positive and constructive manner. The only time I've ever seen anyone come down hard on someone is if they were being negligent to the rules of the forum or are being blatantly unsafe with chemicals/extractions etc (which falls into the "breaking the rules" category). But you mentioned being a safety freak so you'll be fine!

Honestly, this really is a great place to be, definitely the most mature forum I have ever had the pleasure of coming across. I hope you enjoy your time here!


-The Grateful One-
Welcome to the nexus John

You don't have to worry while posting here, we are here to learn, gain experience and help each other out. If you have something to say or to add then feel free to join in, it's not an ego driven forum. It truly is a great community of like minded people with so much information. You can really learn a lot while here.

Again welcome, and enjoy community and all that it has to offer :thumb_up:

Safe and happy journeys friend

thanks everybody for the warm welcome :lol: 😁 makes me love this place even more.
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