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Just found something else to love :)

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Recently I'm finding more and more of the best music is being released on creative commons licensce. It just goes to show that when something is not done with the mind on the wallet something really magical happens. An art form that is purely expressive, experimental and entertaining in the true sense.

Just look what happens when making music is a means to money? It becomes a product, it becomes marketing, then before long, one size fits all. If you wear the same tight fitting cap all your life, then the chances are that your head will not grow as it should. The same goes for music. So many folk now are brought up to the sounds of these global conquering chart hits and although much of the money making music is quite entertaining, it's never going to be as pure as what is made as a labour of love. Even those that are not dominating the world of popular music, but still take part in it are not complete in the true sense as a musician.

Well I could rant for hours about this and probably just end up upsetting a few folk so I'm just going to get to the point.

This is my Creative commons appreciation thread, because true beauty costs nothing:

All this music can be downloaded for free :) I was going to post some individual artists, but as everyone likes something different and half the fun is exploring, I'm just going to give the adresses of the amazing labels that bring all this greatness together. My taste at the moment is mostly experimental electronica, but I'd be delighted if those in the know can add some CCL releases from many different styles... sure'd be swell of ya :)

test tube - a netlabel <---- They have a shop, but mostly great free music to be found here.

www.fragmentmusic.net <-------- awesome techno :)

Ektoplazm | Free Music Portal and Psytrance Netlabel <------ A wide variety of great psy trance releases here.

If you like what you here those should take you a while. Sutemos was the first one I found so that's always got a special place in my heart, with the rest coming in close joint second, but if you just go to the links page on the test tube site, you'll see this is just the tip of the ice berg ;)
very nice soulfood! i've been listening to it all morning....beautiful stuff brother.. many thanks! ;)

here's a nice one you might dig....i've had this album for 15 years now (got it right when it first came out....was a huge aphex twin fan at the time..). anyways, the cool thing about this awesome album is that the music is SO....well....non-traditional... no beats, no voices...just purely palpable soundscapes!! it's breathtakingly beautiful and absolutely true to what ambient music is: sounds that create atmospheres. i have journeyed to almost all of these tunes at some point or other and each one is a world unto it's own. after 15 years, i still get transported by this album like it was the first time ;)

...and another cool thing....most of the songs are in the 5-7minute range...just perfect for the peak of an afternoon commune with the divine! ;)

lemme know what you think!

blue calx is such an amazing track....so beautiful, ethereal, rich, textured...truly beautiful...prolly my fav track on the whole album (2-discs!)

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