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Just had my first DMT "experience"

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I smoked DMT for the first time last night. About 25mg on top of some good weed. Im not really sure if I liked it or not? I don't normally smoke weed because its potential to makeup me extremely anxious and depressed but I had some around and decided to use that to consume my dmt. It made me extremely anxious and somewhat depressed liked it normally would but on top of that I was now tripping. The visuals we're pretty cool, I obviously didn't breakthrough but the whole experience kinda felt dark, yet the introspect was useful I guess you could say. So pretty much the whole trip I spent looking at my life in third person and seeing how fucked up my situation is rn. So ya next time I'm skipping the weed and using either "the machine" or making some changa.
I would suggest fixing the "f-ed" up situation you are in first. Get in a good head space. If weed makes you anxious and depressed and you think weed is the reason, you should look at yourself first. Weed is not responsible for your anxiety or depression. DMT will not solve any problems and will likely make them worse. Not sure what your situation is, but look into getting into a better situation and revisit psychedelics another day. Don't compound things.

What I meant by fucked up situation is more subliminal and long term, I wouldn't take a psych if I was feeling bad... But it was definitely the weed just smoked some (DMT) and had a completely different experience.
Weed makes me feel terrible too mate, I wouldn't smoke it by itself, let alone with DMT on it.

Go for the changa mate. :thumb_up:
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