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Just started 69Ron's d-limo tek, guidance appreciated!

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To start off I simply want to thank all the Nexus veterans who have compiled such a rich source of information. This place has inspired me to explore teks I would have been too chicken to try otherwise.

I plan on doing a Vovin style DMT extract soon, but right now I have just taken the first enthralling steps into 69Ron's beautiful tek.

All I have right now is a postal scale so all my measurements have been estimates (but hey at least if I'm off I should be consistently off).

I set aside ~100g dried cactus chips and powderized them in a coffee grinder. Coffee grinders have served me well in the past, but I must say cactus, even dried is TOUGH. I had to unjam the grinder a bunch of times which was quite frustrating! (Especially with safety goggles and a dust mask on!) Next time I will probably switch to a good blender, or at least a higher quality grinder, but at least I have a cheap disposable thing I can use till it burns out.

I then weighed out 25g CaOH and mixed thoroughly. Then I gradually added 300ml of distilled water. I was planning on being VERY stringent with the water, but the powder absorbed all 300ml without ever getting watery. The consistency became very spongy and rubbery. I was tempted to add more water, but I decided against it, don't want to mess everything up on the second step lol.

I mixed and mixed this mess until I could I could see no powder left behind. The mix had become very clumpy, so I did my best to break up all the clumps. At this point I tested the pH with a strip, it was ~12 (maybe even 12.5).

Then I added 300ml d-limo and mixed some more. At first I was worried that the d-limo was soaking into the mixture, but swishing the pyrex mixing bowl around showed that most of the d-limo was loosely flowing in the bowl. Huzzah!

The pyrex mixing bowl I bought is PERFECT for this. It's nice and big, and has a simple trench on one side for pouring.

I'm gonna let the d-limo sit for the next ten hours or so, mixing it up occasionally. Then I'll begin with the vinegar pulls (I have a sep funnel thankfully). I have cling wrap on the bowl to prevent evaporation / cat hair contamination.

I can't wait to see the result (even if it's failure). Anyone got any comments or advice?
Well, my friend got a pretty low yield, when all was said and done. About 200-225 mg from 100 grams of dried, cored, peeled San Pedro. Not giving up though. Next time, he is going to stir things up better at each step. Suspicion is that CAOH was not mixed enough initially, and that perhaps vinegar not mixed enough, though one would think that that problem would have been mitigated by the several repeated vinegar additions. We shall see.

The San Pedro might also have been low quality, of course. Grown in pots, starting years ago, by a relative who grew it because of its beauty, not its chemistry.
Just started my second mesc extraction. After doing Vovin's, this feels like a BREEZE.

I also started Jorkest's limo MHRB extraction, and how i YEARN for a DMT dry tek, I hate hate HATE doing to many liquid/liquid transfers!!! I don't care what people say, next time I try a DMT extraction, I'm doing it DRY, I'll just be patient and vigorous with the mixing, and hopefully the yields won't stink :)
My friend is feeling stupid. After thinking the yield was negligible, he scraped the clear portions of the pyrex dishes with a razor blade, and retrieved an additional approx. 800 mg of waxy-but-crystaline (if that makes sense), white material. Much better. Testing 120 mg with coffee on an empty stomach had almost no effect, however. He is not sure it had ANY effect, actually, except placebo.
Not everyone feels effects from low doses. I took 100mgs of the tar from my third and fourth pulls with yerba mate, 4 datura seeds, and some nice dark chocolate, but it never gave me any strong sensations. I actually got called in to work (ugh) and was able to perform well. I did feel good though.
My same friend took the remaining 750mg, and still felt very little. A very pleasant series of waves of mild euphoria, over about 8 hours, but nothing approaching tripping. This guy trips hard on 1 to 2 grams of mushrooms. Must not be the same for his tolerance with dopamine based substances. Or is it possible that the white, waxy result he got from the d-limonene\vinegar extraction was not what he expected it to be, but some non-psychoactive substance, and that he actually experienced a low dose, even though he took 750 mg of the product? Any ideas? Hard to believe that 750mg of mescaline would have been such an incredibly mild experience.
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